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What are Voice Notifications in a VIOFO dash cam?

How voice notifications on VIOFO can make your life easier

Reliability, affordability, and convenience are three things where VIOFO excels at for its dash cams. For the past few years, VIOFO has been a champion in engineering their product lineup with features - big or small - that make the ownership experience worthwhile, without breaking the bank.

When deciding which dash cam to get, non-negotiables could be video resolution, number of camera channels, parking mode capabilities, built-in connectivity like Wi-Fi and GPS. However, there’s also one lowkey feature in newer VIOFO dash cams that can also give you a better, safer driving experience: Voice Notifications.

What are Voice Notifications in a VIOFO dash cam?

Voice Notifications is an added feature in VIOFO dash cams, particularly the A229, the T130, the WM1 and the all-new A139 Pro 4K UHD series dashcam.

Depending on your preference, this feature can be disabled or enabled. It’s up to you whether you want to use it, but one thing we are sure about is that VIOFO designed it to help keep your eyes and attention on the road. Safe to say, a safety feature.

Moreover, this is also available in multiple languages including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Japanese, Hebrew(Israel), German and Italian. The Voice Notification feature in VIOFO dash cams speaks in a clear voice, making sure to convey what you need to know about your dash cam’s status.

In what instances does the VIOFO Voice Notification operate?

Basically, Voice Notifications serve as alerts once your dash cam needs further attention from you, while making sure it doesn’t sound too demanding and annoying.

We say annoying, because some traditional dash cams produce high-pitched beeping sounds, which just continue to beep, beep, and beep until you reach your dash cam and do what it needs you to do. Earlier Viofo models, including the A129 and A119 series behaved like this, which had the potential to be a frustrating experience, as many users had to decipher what the beeping meant, and what the camera was attempting to tell them.

For VIOFO, these are the exact instances where the Voice Notification feature operates:

1. Alerts on storage space

Your VIOFO won’t work without a micro SD, so Voice Notifications does its job to remind you once you forget to insert it. And in the event that your memory card encounters an error, it will also notify you, as well as when formatting it.

Sample notifications:

“Please insert a memory card.”

“Memory card error. Please format the card.”

“Memory card format successful!”

2. Enabling other features

VIOFO dash cams are equipped with connectivity and convenience features such as Wi-Fi and Voice Recording. As soon as you press the corresponding buttons, the Voice Notification will detect and inform you if you’re already connected or disconnected, or if the feature is already enabled or disabled.

Sample notifications:

“Voice recording enabled, voice recording disabled”

“Wi-Fi enabled, Wi-Fi disabled”

“Wi-Fi connected”

“Recording paused, Recording started”

3. Emergency Lock

To make sure that you don’t lose important footage, especially in an event of an impact and motion, VIOFO also included an emergency button that automatically locks videos.

Once you press it, the Voice Notification will also communicate that the video is already protected - no need to worry about missing footage for evidence and insurance claims!

The same goes for if the camera’s G-sensor detects an impact over the course of your drive, and the footage will then be automatically protected.

Sample notification:

“Video protected”

4. Driving or Parking Mode Recording

As soon as you start your engine, the VIOFO dash cam will automatically turn on and start recording. VIOFO also informs you if the camera is already recording, whether you’re in continuous driving mode or parking mode.

Sample notification:

“Parking recording started!”

“Recording 2-channel started!” - this actually depends on the channel system of your dash cam

Stay in the know, while staying safe with VIOFO dash cams!

Voice notifications is just one of the long list of features that the VIOFO A139, VIOFO A139 Pro, VIOFO A229, VIOFO WM1, and VIOFO A119 Mini have. If you want to check out what other features these dash cams have in store, contact our product experts or shop any of these VIOFO dash cams, all available here at BlackboxMyCar!