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VIOFO T130 - Your RV’s 3-Channel Dash Cam Within Reach!

If you want to capture more scenic views during your RV road trip, don’t just settle for a single, or dual-channel dash cam. And if budget is what’s stopping you from giving your RV a full dash cam coverage, the VIOFO T130 3-channel dash camera is here to save your escapades.

VIOFO T130: The Triple Channel for Your Daily Travel

Living the RV life, we understand how important capturing the views around you are. With the VIOFO T130’s three-channel dash cam system, you can have a glimpse of the road ahead, the traffic behind, plus what’s going on inside your RV!

Ensuring protection in case of events, the T130 provides your RV trips with high-quality recordings as it uses a 5MP Sony STARVIS IMX335 in 2K QHD at 30FPS for the front, 2MP Sony STARVIS IMX307 for the rear, and 1080p Full HD interior IR (infrared) camera for the in-cabin camera. It also improves coverage with a wide-angle front (140°), interior (165°), and rear (165°) cameras that can all record what’s going on with your RV at the same time - once hardwired.

Super Night Vision Best for Your Night Drives

And if you’re in the mood to drive under the starry night sky, the VIOFO T130 will still work excellently in capturing your journey! Since this dash cam is equipped with high-performance Sony IMX335 Starvis and Omnivision sensors - enhanced with WDR technology and 4 infrared LEDs on the front lens - your driving view can be perfectly restored from both outside and inside, even in low lighted areas.

A CCTV for your RV: the Rotatable Interior Camera

Having an interior camera is beneficial when driving, or just watching over your motorhome. In case of violations and arguments with the traffic enforcers, the T130 does its job to record the whole conversation.

And when you’re settling in a new area, the interior camera could also work as a CCTV - which is useful for instances like break ins and theft.

The VIOFO T130’s interior camera is easily adjustable from 60° up to down and 90° left to right, providing a 165° view of the interior and the driver's side window in a single movement. Moreover, the front camera can be rotated up to 100 degrees, while the rear camera can also be rotated 25 degrees.

Excellent Audio Quality

Recording a conversation with the cops on the traffic light, or just want to replay how much you sang your heart out during your adventure? The VIOFO T130 can also capture that! When it comes to audio quality, this dash cam does an excellent job of picking up cabin audio, whether you're listening to music or talking.

Maximized All-Day, All-Night RV Protection with Parking Monitoring

When you hardwire the VIOFO T130, you will also activate its parking modes. Whether you’re driving your RV, or when your motorhome is parked, you don’t have to worry about not knowing who caused an accident to your car.

Thanks to Parking Mode, when events are detected, the VIOFO T130’s Auto Event Detection begins recording automatically. To reduce recording size, Time Lapse continuously records video at low frame rates.

The T130 also has a Low Bitrate Mode that records audio and video normally in parking mode, with the exception of using a high compression ratio, which allows for longer recording times, such as overnight recording without overwriting previous day's recordings.

Keeping You Connected with Built-in WiFi and VIOFO Mobile App

You don’t have to worry about connectivity as the VIOFO T130 3-channel dash cam also comes with built-in Wi-Fi. This means you can stream live videos via the VIOFO app on your IOS or Android devices. You can also easily share your media with friends and families!

Easy Mounting with VIOFO Static Stickers

We know how convenient you want things to be when you’re RVing, so VIOFO also made the installation easy by including static windshield stickers.

This is useful if you want to move the dash cam from your RV to another car, allowing you to easily mount and detach the cam without it being permanently attached and leaving any gunk on the windshield.

VIOFO T130: Your RV’s Three-Channel Dash Cam Within Reach

The main reason we advise you to purchase the VIOFO T130 is to protect yourself. When your RV is involved in an accident, it will be difficult to determine who was at fault, and your dash cam will be your reliable witness.

While its primary purpose is to protect you, the T130 also works well for capturing an awesome driving experience, especially with its triple channel system. You also don't have to pull out a camera while driving to capture a wild animal crossing the road – because the dash cam is always on and recording, making sure that you don’t miss anything in your RV driving.

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