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VIOFO A229 Plus Duo 2K QHD Dash Cam In-Depth Review

As 2023 comes to an end, VIOFO announced the release of its second 2K dash cam with Sony STARVIS 2 image sensors, the all-new VIOFO A229 Plus.

While it has the same image sensor as the A119 Mini 2, the VIOFO A229 Plus equips this same sensor to the rear camera as well, making it a smarter choice in terms of all-around security.

In this article, we will review the features and advantages of the VIOFO A229 Plus, covering its design, image quality, parking mode capabilities, safety and convenience features, and pricing. Let’s dive in!

Reasons to get the VIOFO A229 Plus

VIOFO A229 Plus Design

Measuring 2.3 inches by 3.9 inches for the head unit, and 2.64 x 1.33-inches for the rear, the VIOFO A229 Plus is built to be discreet enough to be hidden at the rearview mirror and rear window. With the same form factor as the previous wedge-shaped A229, the all-new A229 Plus still gets a 2.4-inch HD screen where you can watch footage and configure dash cam settings.

On the front side of the camera, we can see that it comes with the LED status PWR, REC, GPS, Mic and WiFi. On the bottom part of the front camera, you can also see the Menu, Recording, Video Protection, Microphone, and Wi-Fi buttons for easier access. The ventilation grills are placed on the sides, just above the speaker, for Voice Notifications and audio recording.

Finally, another reason why we love the recent VIOFO dash cams is because of its static sticker. VIOFO introduced this with the old VIOFO A229, and they've brought this sticker to all of its latest models, including the A229 Plus. The static sticker acts as a barrier between the mount’s sticky tape and the glass, so you’re not left with sticky residue or marks when you need to uninstall the dash cam. In other words, the dash cam is not mounted directly onto the glass – perfect if you typically move your dash cam from one car to another!

VIOFO A229 Plus Image Quality

The Plus comes with a Novatek 96580 processor, the same with the A119 Mini 2 and the former A229 Duo. While other 2K QHD dash cams only have Sony STARVIS 2.0 on the front, the new VIOFO A229 Plus is now sporting the same image sensor for its rear camera. Compared to its predecessor, we noticed that the A229 Plus records clearer and more colourful footage, day and night, thanks to its 5MP IMX 675 sensor, which has a 2.5x higher dynamic range and light sensitivity.

For dual channel, the A229 Plus records up to 2K QHD at 60 fps at 140-degree field of view for the front, and 2K QHD @ 30 fps at 160-degree field of view for the rear, ensuring wide coverage. With a 60FPS frame rate, the A229 Plus surpasses the A129 Plus’ 2K 1440P camera, delivering more nuanced details, particularly during high-speed driving.

Beyond the advanced image sensor, the VIOFO A229 Plus also has Super Night Vision 2.0, and multi-exposure HDR for enhanced lighting in all conditions – not just in front, but also for the rear camera. If you wish to reduce glares on your footage, especially during daytime, it’s recommended to add a VIOFO CPL filter too, along with the BlackboxMyCar Aqua Shield to protect your videos from rain, dust, and other environmental elements.

VIOFO A229 Plus Parking Mode

In terms of parking mode protection, the VIOFO A229 Plus emphasizes Buffered Parking Mode. This implies that when an impact is detected, the dash cam will transition to standard event recording, including the 15 seconds preceding and following the incident.

Aside from Buffered Parking Mode, the VIOFO A229’s Parking mode settings include Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse, and Low Bitrate Recording.

When movement or impacts are detected, Auto Event Detection of the A229 Plus begins recording. If you wish to reduce recording size, the Time Lapse feature can constantly record video at low frame rates, similar to how Time Lapse works on your phone. Meanwhile, VIOFO’s Low Bitrate Mode records audio and video normally in parking mode, with the exception of employing a high compression ratio, which enables longer recording intervals, such as overnight recording without overwriting the previous day's recordings.

If you want to hardwire the VIOFO A229 Plus for parking mode, keep in mind that it requires the VIOFO HK4 ACC hardwiring kit or a dash cam battery pack, which you will need to buy separately.

VIOFO A229 Plus Safety and Convenience Features

Compared to its predecessors, the VIOFO A229 Plus has integrated advanced features from their premium dash cams like the A139 Pro.

Now with Voice Controls, the VIOFO A229 Plus is easier to use than ever for hands-free dash cam controls. This allows you to utilize simple voice commands to start/stop recording, snap photographs, and turn on/off WiFi while remaining focused on the road. Furthermore, the A229 Plus uses Voice Notifications to keep you up to date on storage, features, recording modes, and video protection status. Available languages for this feature are English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai.

Now, in terms of connectivity, the VIOFO A229 Plus is compatible with the VIOFO mobile app, where you can stream your footage live, download media, and share on social networks. With a 2.4GHz and 5GHz Dual-Band connection, the VIOFO A229 Plus enables 4 times faster data transfer than 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

The A229 Plus also has a new integrated Quad-Mode GPS module that provides more detailed location and speed data. By combining four global satellite positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou), the VIOFO A229 Plus’ Quad-Mode GPS uses the geometric distribution of several satellites to boost 3D positioning precision for a more accurate driving trajectory, whether in urban regions between towering buildings or in mountainous places with difficult terrain. However, do note that it’s not compatible with the old A229 Duo's GPS module.

Beyond connectivity, the new VIOFO A229 Plus now supports micro SD cards up to 512GB for maximum storage capacity. With Auto Emergency Lock, in case a sudden impact or collision happens, the dashcam's built-in G-sensor instantly locks the ongoing recording file, preventing it from being overwritten. In the event of an accident, hit-and-run, or other incident, you can stay calm knowing the camera is safely storing your evidence.

Our Final Thoughts on the VIOFO A229 Plus

Despite the advanced features and impressive video resolution, the VIOFO A229 Plus Duo is priced affordably at $229.99, the same price point as the earlier A229 Duo model. Considering that it has a Sony STARVIS 2 image sensor for both front and rear cameras, the A229 Plus Duo is a good choice for anyone who wants to prioritize image quality and security.

We’re impressed with how the VIOFO A229 Plus was upgraded, especially with the Sony STARVIS 2 sensors for both its front and rear cameras! We also appreciate that VIOFO added HDR and Super Night Vision 2.0 for both, and we can say that the footage delivered by this dash cam is something we haven’t seen before in 2K dash cams.

Features equipped in the flagship 4K A229 Pro, like advanced parking mode, dual-band WiFi, Voice Controls, Ultra-Precise GPS module and up to 512 GB capacity are also available in the A229 Plus, making this dash cam a smart investment for drivers looking for advanced features, while not breaking the bank. For us, the A229 Plus is the best 2K QHD dash cam in its class.

The VIOFO A229 Plus is the flagship 2K dash cam in the VIOFO lineup to date. If you wish to get the lowest price for the A229 Plus and its compatible accessories, go get yours now at BlackboxMyCar!