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Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 vs. DDPAI Mola E3

Which One Offers Better Car’s Security

When our customers inquire about dashcams, their main goal is to learn which models are best for protecting their valuable vehicles. With so many options on the market, deciding on one can be difficult, just as it is when looking for a witness to defend you - when no one’s around in the scene.

Today, we'll take a look at two dash cameras designed for this purpose, with mirror camera functions that add convenience and style - the DDPAI Mola E3 and the Vantrue Mirror Cam 3. Let's see which of these 3s suits you the best:

Mirror Dash Cam Review: The DDPAI Mole E3

Image Quality and Video Resolution

The Mola E3 is DDPAI's first and only mirror-streaming dash camera to date. This dual-channel dash cam is built with a QHD 1440p, F1.4 aperture front camera covering a 130° wide angle. For its rear, the Mola E3 covers 125° degrees with its 1080p TVI transmission media lens. The visuals captured can easily be seen in the 10" liquid touchscreen which helps you control the angles and recording settings thru your fingertips.

How does the Mola E3 perform in low-light conditions?

The DDPAI Mola E3's lens can be rotated at 360° which you can adjust depending on the angle you want. It also has a 6-level lens penetration module that automatically adjusts the exposure in dim situations for an HD night vision experience.

What are the Mola E3’s safety features?

For additional safety, the DDPAI Mola E3 is equipped with a 24-Hour Parking Mode with a Time Lapse Feature that minimizes the frame rate by up to 1 fps for a longer video recording capacity. It also has a Reverse View with Parking Assist Line features for easier parking.

The Mola E3 is also built with a G-sensor that senses a sudden shake or collision of your car. In case of an incident, the device locks the recorded footage to prevent overwriting and automatically downloads the file to your mobile phone thru the DDPAI App (once connected to the WiFi).

What can the DDPAI app do?

By connecting to the WiFi, the exclusive DDPAI App allows you to play back, download and watch the camera's recorded videos in real-time. It also has filters and image editing features that you can directly work on through the app. Apart from the convenient downloading of files, you can also share videos with its On the Road community members - through the app as well.

The All-New Vantrue M3 Mirror Dash Cam

The Mirror Cam 3, also known as the M3, is Vantrue's latest addition to its best-selling dash cams. After the success of the Vantrue M1 and M2, the brand is all geared up to roll out the upgraded, safer, and feature-packed version of the series.

Image Quality and Video Resolution

Exclusively available at BlackboxMyCar, the three-channel mirror streaming camera is equipped with STARVIS and SOI image sensors. The front camera records the road ahead at 30 frames per second in 2K QHD at 150° wide angle.

The rear camera is 1080p Full HD, and the in-cabin infrared camera is 360° rotatable and uses a 2MP SOI JX-F53SA image sensor to record videos clearly even in low-light conditions - both in 140° wide angles.

What is the screen size of the Mirror Cam 3?

All of this is visible on the 12" anti-glare touchscreen display of the Mirror Cam 3, which is wider and clearer than the DDPAI Mola E3.

Does it also have a Reverse Parking Assistance feature?

Apart from the cinematic video recording features, the Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 also upgraded its tech with its Reverse Aid feature that enables the rear camera to transform as a backup. When you reverse, the rearview will automatically show on the screen with reverse parking grid lines, making the experience hassle-free. It also has a smart split-screen function that lets you see the front, rear, and in-cabin cameras simultaneously.

What are its safety features?

In terms of safety, the M3 provides what DDPAI does, only better. The Mirror Cam 3 also includes a G-sensor, time-lapse, and an unlimited parking monitoring and motion detection feature to ensure that your vehicle is secure in an event of an accident, even when unattended.

Having the in-cabin camera as an added layer of protection, the Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 adds more with a built-in GPS with the BeiDou3 Navigation Satellite System, which provides precise speed, location, and time tracking for more detailed documentation and security. It is also equipped with a built-in speaker and microphone for audio recording.

What is the maximize storage size of the M3?

To maximize your storage and ensure longer video recording capabilities, the Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 has a loop recording feature that automatically overwrites unneeded files. Compared to the DDPAI's maximum storage of 128GB, the Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 can carry up to 512 GB of memory.

Verdict: Which is Better?

The DDPAI Mola E3 is a decent option if you are looking for a two-channel dash cam for personal use.

Its 10” touchscreen display can give you a view of the road ahead and the traffic behind conveniently, although the screen size can be a challenge for those who have bigger hands and unclear vision. There are also instances wherein the mirror camera itself gets warmer than usual, but DDPAI claims that the device’s vertical cooling fins could dissipate it.

Customers who prefer watching videos on their phones on the go will be amazed by the DDPAI App and its WiFi connectivity. This feature is something that the Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 does not have.

However, in terms of overall security, which is the primary reason why people install a dash camera, the Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 outperforms its competition. The three-channel mirror streaming camera is an effective tool for making the ride safer, and it is designed for personal use as well as for ride-sharing companies and fleet management businesses.

The Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 also has a larger touchscreen and a wider camera coverage that does not obstruct the windshield because it simply replaces your rearview mirror. The safety features, such as the Reverse Aid line, Unlimited Parking Monitor, Time Lapse Feature, GPS, and Audio Recording, not only provide a more convenient driving experience but also stronger evidence in the event of an accident. So for this review, we’re giving the reliable witness title to Vantrue.

The Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 official product release is slated for November 20, but it is exclusively available for pre-order at BlackboxMyCar right now. And to make it an all-inclusive solution, we are including a 32GB Micro SD card for Free!

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