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Thinkware Q800PRO vs Thinkware F800 Pro

The Q800PRO is Thinkware’s latest and greatest flagship dash cam with improvements made in overall video quality.

With its 2K video resolution, (equivalent to twice the pixel count and two times the resolution of full HD 1080p), the Thinkware Q800PRO will be able to capture incidences and license plate numbers even better and clearer than before. The Q800PRO also improves upon the Sony STARVIS imaging sensor for improved recording quality in low-light conditions to keep your assets protected in both day and night.

Thinkware markets the Q800PRO as their new flagship unit. However, how does it compare with the former flagship, the Thinkware F800 Pro?


It’s clear that Thinkware has not deviated from its successful formula and continued with its simple, yet sleek and discreet wedge-shaped design.

Two very subtle differences exist – the exterior casing now has a slightly rubberized finish, and the buttons on the device are no longer a shiny piano black, but a matte finish that matches the rest of the camera.

The use of the otherwise same design means that F800 Pro users are able to easily upgrade to the new Q800PRO as everything - mounts, wiring, and even the rear camera etc. - is fully compatible between the two dash cams. Only the front camera unit will need to be swapped out (which is easily done so) while everything else is fully compatible.  


With the introduction of 2K, the improvement in video resolution between the Q800PRO and F800 Pro is definitely noticeable.

The Q800PRO offers excellent video quality during the day and night with good dynamic range and minimal loss in optical clarity. The additional pixel count compared to any 1080P camera means the Q800PRO can capture more details than its predecessor. License plates and road signs are captured in more clearly and from further distances than before.

Obviously, this is important as the point of a dash cam is to act as a silent and always-present witness, to protect yourself against those who may be less than truthful in the event of an accident.

Improvements are unchanged for the Q800PRO’s rear camera as it shares the same part as the F800 Pro.


The Thinkware Q800PRO is the first 2K dash cam from Thinkware. We like the impressive amount of details that the Q800PRO can capture in terms of video quality and functions, and this camera is our top recommendation for the best parking mode recording. Thinkware’s overall reliability that remains unchanged from its predecessor also adds to the Q800PRO being one of the best dash cams in the market. This unit definitely makes it on the list of the best dash cams of 2019!