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Thinkware F770 vs. Thinkware F800

Thinkware F800 vs Thinkware F770

Please note that this comparison chart is for the Thinkware F800 released in July 2017. It does not support the air/cloud features first announced at CES 2017. That feature will be implemented on the next generation F800 Pro model. 


  Thinkware F800 Thinkware F770
CPU Ambarella A12 Ambarella A7
Front Camera Resolution Full HD 1080P @ 30 FPS Full HD 1080P @ 30 FPS
Front Camera Lens Angle 140° 140°
Front Camera Sensor Sony STARVIS Sony EXMOR
Rear Camera Lens Angle Full HD 1080P @ 30 FPS Full HD 1080P @ 30 FPS
Rear Camera Lens Angle 140° 140°
Rear Camera Sensor Sony STARVIS Sony EXMOR
GPS Built-In (Internal) Built-In (Internal)
WiFi Built-In Built-In
Cloud Connectivity N/A N/A
Super Night Vision Super Night Vision 2.0 Super Night Vision 1.0
Memory Card Partitioning Yes Yes
Memory Card Capacity 64GB Micro SD 64GB Micro SD
Maximum Operating Temp. 60°C/140°F 60°C/140°F
Forward Vehicle Departure Warning Yes No

Summarizing the Thinkware F800 vs Thinkware F770

The most significant change to the F800 in our opinion is the brand new Ambarella A12 processor and new Sony STARVIS sensors. These changes should offer improvements in low light image quality. That being said, the daytime image quality is relatively similar between both the F770 and F800. Furthermore, for parking mode users the super night vision processing has been tweaked to offer an even brighter image than on the F770. Those that are looking for improved image quality should be happy with the updates to the F800.

Should I get the F800? 

Many fans were hoping that the F800 would have the new "Air" or "Cloud" feature first announced at CES 2017. Unfortunately this release of the F800 does not offer this feature. Those looking for cloud features such as remote-live streaming, speed and location tracking, and incident alerts can still only go for the Blackvue DR650S-2CH at the moment. For these users who want the cloud technology, we suggest waiting for the upcoming Thinkware F800 Pro. That being said, given the marginal price increase on the F800 we feel that the improved image quality is worth it over the F770. 

Thinkware F770

The overall features are more or less the same with some minor tweaks such as the addition of forward vehicle departure warning. This feature will alert you if you're stopped at a light and the car in front starts driving off. Unfortunately the new camera with the new processor still only supports up to 64GB cards, we expect the upcoming F800 Pro (Fall 2017 release) to support 128GB cards. This is crucial as a larger card is recommended for supporting 2 channels of Full HD recording.

Thinkware F800 Design

Some customers also feel that the F800 design is not quite as discreet as the F770. And to that point, we definitely agree. The F800 design is a bit of a hybrid between the Thinkware F770 and Thinkware F750. It's about as slim as the F770 but the new design features a silver band that wraps all the way around and a bright silver lens housing that can draw attention to itself. There will be an upcoming model called the F800 Pro which will have a darker housing and the cloud feature. 

Thinkware F770 vs. Thinkware F800

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