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Dedicated Dash Cam Battery Packs vs. USB Power Banks

Both are built to power up - but how does one accessory differ from the other?

Power Banks vs. Battery Packs

One of the inquiries we get from our customers are about the ability to use a powerbank as an additional source of power for their dash camera, which they claim is easy to use and affordable to own.

And that is correct. Indeed, if you search "Power Banks" on Amazon, you will be presented with a plethora of options, many of which users prefer over dash cam battery packs due to the anticipated savings and portability.

However, while Amazon Power Banks are less expensive, there are some things to keep in mind before getting one. In this article, we will compare a USB power bank to a dedicated dash cam battery pack, specifically the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8.

Battery Technology

The primary difference between a USB power bank and the PowerCell 8 is the battery technology. The portable USB battery packs are made of lithium-ion. It is critical for safety reasons because lithium-ion batteries tend to expand and even explode in extreme cases due to heat.

On the other hand, the PowerCell 8 Dedicated battery packs are better for longer recording times because they are safer to use in extreme temperatures. It is built with the safest battery technology, LiFEPO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate), which will keep your dash cam running in parking mode for longer hours in extreme weather conditions.

Unlike power banks that are prone to overheating, dedicated dash cam battery packs like the PowerCell 8 are built to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions

Recharging Cycles

Another significant difference between USB power banks and the PowerCell 8 is the recharge times and capacity.

Because of the unique properties of LiFePo4, the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 could be charged in 50 minutes while also maintaining a longer life of up to 2,000 cycles even when subjected to frequent deep discharge cycles.

In contrast, power banks are designed to be recharged overnight. To fully recharge one, it can take hours and hours and hours.

A USB powerbank may require charging for hours, and even up to a day, depending on the accesories' capacity and charging cycles

Maximum Operating Capacity

When powering dash cams and recording footage, USB power banks may be useful for short-term recording, which is helpful in case of an accident or violation.

On the other hand, having a dedicated battery pack like the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 provides a maximum operating capacity of up to 35 hours - which is higher compared to other battery packs like the Cellink NEO at 32 hours and the new BlackVue B-130X that only offers 30 hours maximum.

Watch: How the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 delivers more power and reliability to maximize your dash cam's capacity

Main Functions

Lastly, it's important to know about how dash cams are used specifically as opposed to how phones are used - which USB power banks are mainly built for.

With dash cams, you want your camera to record continuously. So with the PowerCell 8, you start your car, and the battery pack begins charging itself from your car while also powering your dash cam.

The key point here is that the dash cam is always on, which is not how power banks are supposed to work. Power banks are intended to charge your phone throughout the day, and then plug it in. and recharge it overnight after you've finished using it. They don't have the ability to power something while also charging themselves.

In other words, dedicated batteries like the PowerCell 8 have the benefit of being designed to work in the background.

The PowerCell 8 is a dedicated dash cam battery pack that gives you an efficient parking mode experience while working in the background, unlike powerbanks that can't power up while being charged

Should You Get a Power Bank from Amazon?

A power bank is a good accessory for emergencies, such as recharging your phone while traveling. However, we do not believe they are the best for dash cams.

In terms of safety, reliability, and capability to power up your dash cam, we highly recommend using a dedicated battery pack like the PowerCell 8.

There are reasons to get a dedicated battery pack rather than a powerbank, and this comparison video by Vortex Radar explained them all

Shop the PowerCell 8

The BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 was designed by BlackboxMyCar and is manufactured by Egen Inc, the world's largest and most trusted dash cam battery manufacturer, which also produces the Cellink NEO battery packs.

Like USB Power Banks, the PowerCell 8 battery pack can also be used to charge your laptop, smartphone, and other USB-powered devices. The BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 includes a 5V USB 3.0 power outlet, making it simple to add a mobile router to the dash cam setup in vehicles - ideal for those who have a Cloud-ready dash cam. You can also charge your mobile phone and other devices here.

BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 also has built-in Bluetooth and comes with a free Battery Manager App that you will use to monitor the status and the manage settings of the battery pack with just a few taps of your finger even if the battery pack is installed out of sight.

With the PowerCell 8, you can have a better experience by doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling the capacity with an extended battery pack. The BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 is compatible with the NEO Extended Battery Pack as well as the BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery Expansion Pack (B-124E).