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Best High-End Dash Cams this 2023

Curious about the best Black Friday deals for dash cams this 2023? You came to the right place!

If you want to give yourself or your loved ones the most special gift this holiday season, a high-end dash cam with advanced features may be a reliable, and smart choice for you! Need a list of the nicest? BlackboxMyCar is here to give you the freshest, biggest discounts this season!

In this guide, we'll showcase our most advanced and high-end dash cams that will take your entire dash cam experience to the next level – from video quality, connectivity, security – to the highest level, available at huge discounted prices exclusive this Black Friday!

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Running from November 17 to 27, these are the latest VIOFO dash cams up for grabs on Black Friday.
See our VIOFO dash cam collections for the full list of offers!

VIOFO A229 Pro 4K UHD Dash Cam

Unrivaled 4K + 2K

Speaking of most advanced, meet VIOFO’s new flagship model, the VIOFO A229 Pro, now available in two-channel and three-channel setups. The most premium model is the A229 Pro 3-channel, sporting the most advanced 8MP Sony STARVIS 2 IMX678 for its front camera, the A229 Pro also includes a rear camera with a 5MP Sony STARVIS 2 IMX675 sensor, and a 2MP Sony STARVIS IMX307 for its IR camera.

As one of the most advanced dash cams in terms of video quality and resolution, all of its cameras are equipped with Super Night Vision and HDR to ensure clear and well-balanced footage from the outside to the inside of your vehicle. For glare-free footage, the A229 Pro also comes with a free CPL filter for its front camera.

Beyond the three-channel protection, the VIOFO A229 Pro 3-channel ensures maximum parking mode protection with Auto-Event Detection, Time Lapse, and Low Bitrate Recording features. For convenience, the A229 Pro also boasts built-in dual-band Wi-Fi for easy access to your footage, Ultra-Precise Quad-Mode GPS for accurate tracking, and an impressive SD card capacity of up to 512GB.

Exclusive this Black Friday, the VIOFO A229 Pro 2-CH will be priced at $279.99, with a $40 discount, and the VIOFO A229 Pro 3-CH will be available for as low as $399.99!


Running from November 17 to 26, these are the latest Thinkware dash cams up for grabs on Black Friday.
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Thinkware U3000 Dash Cam

4K UHD Sony STARVIS 2 | Built-in RADAR sensor | Thinkware CONNECTED

If you want to go big this Black Friday, go for the most premium and high-end 4K dash cam to date – the Thinkware U3000.

Available in one-channel and dual-channel configurations, this is the first Thinkware dash cam to utilize Sony STARVIS 2 image sensors, the world’s most advanced image sensors to date. Capturing 4K UHD for its front, and 2K for its rear, the U3000 gives you high-quality footage even at night, thanks to Super Night Vision 4.0.

But beyond video resolution, it also boasts a range of 'Thinkware First' features, including built-in Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing, and a built-in RADAR sensor that’s featured in both the front and rear cameras. Plus, the U3000 seamlessly integrates with the Thinkware CONNECTED app, allowing you to enjoy Cloud features too!

Exclusive this Black Friday, the Thinkware U3000 1-channel will be priced at $449.99, while the Thinkware U3000 2-channel is only $599.99 – both covered by a huge $100 discount!


Running from November 17 to 27, these are the latest BlackVue dash cams up for grabs on Black Friday.
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BlackVue DR770X Box Dash Cam

Full HD @ 60 FPS | Tamper-Proof Triple Channel Cameras | BlackVue Cloud Connectivity

BlackVue is known as one of the world’s most premium dash cam brands – and its DR770X Box is certainly the smartest when it comes to security. Recommended as the best high-security parking mode dash cam, this dash cam has a Full HD Sony STARVIS front camera, interior IR camera, and rear camera that are powerful enough to record everything that’s happening around and within the car, especially with its 24/7 Parking Mode.

All cameras are linked via coaxial video cable to the Box, which serves as the recording unit that can be safely stored in the glovebox or under the seat. This means the Box can be easily kept out of sight, preventing a thief from accessing it, while keeping your dash cam footage safe and private.

For Parking Mode, the DR770X Box offers Intelligent Parking Modes, Tamper-Proof casings on all cameras, and BlackVue Cloud for a remote connection. The DR770X Box comes with plenty of advanced features to keep you in-the-know of your vehicle’s status, from remote notification, an included Bluetooth remote, and a seamless connection.

Exclusive this Black Friday, the BlackVue DR770X Box will be priced as low as $579.99 from $643.99, with a huge $ 64 off!

BlackVue DR970X Box Dash Cam

4K UHD Resolution | Advanced Parking Modes | BlackVue Cloud Connectivity  

Finally, here’s the most advanced dash cam for advanced Cloud connectivity – the BlackVue DR970X. It sports an 8MP Sony STARVIS sensor for the front camera and a 2MP Sony STARVIS sensor for the rear camera. This DR970X delivers clear and crisp video capture due to its upgraded SigmaStar CPU and ISP tuning software for better video recording performance.  

Beyond crisp image capabilities, the BlackVue DR970X is also compatible with the CM100G LTE module. Providing a reliable internet connection wherever you are, simply connect it to your BlackVue DR970X dash cam, and you'll enjoy an always-on 4G LTE connection to the Cloud and its unique live features! BlackVue is known for their reliable and advanced Cloud Connectivity, ideal for anyone who wants to stay in-the-know about their vehicle at all times.

Exclusive this Black Friday, the BlackVue DR970X 1-CH will be priced for as low as $463.99 from $514.99, while the BlackVue DR970X 2-CH is discounted at $604.99 from $672.99!

Shop Your Most Premium Dash Cams this Black Friday!  

The answer to the best high-end and advanced dash cams this Black Friday is clear! If you want to see more options, check out our 2023 Black Friday Dash Cam Guide and find the categories suitable for you and your needs!

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