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Best 2023 Black Friday Deals for Entry-Level Dash Cams

Curious about the best Black Friday deals for dash cams this 2023? You came to the right place! While Dash Cams can be overwhelming, they don’t have to be. Here, we’ll go over the best Basic Dash Cams covering all the essentials. Whether it’s for you or your loved ones, these models are a simple setup for protecting your ride, with hugely discounted prices this holiday season.

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Running from November 17 to 27, these are the latest VIOFO dash cams up for grabs on Black Friday.
See our VIOFO dash cam collections for the full list of offers!


Reddit Favorite | Excellent 2K QHD Video Quality

Another basic camera, but also an all-time Reddit-favorite and the #1 recommended dash cam by experts like TechRadar, DashCamTalk, Forbes, PC World, Vortex Radar, and Car Cam Central, no other than the VIOFO A119 V3 one-channel dash cam.

While the Thinkware dash cams above only record full HD, the A119 V3 captures 2K QHD with ultrawide 21:9 2560x1080p resolution, making it an excellent choice for road trips and scenic drives.

For parking mode, it also comes with Buffered Parking recording, giving you 15 seconds before and 30 seconds after an impact for a more comprehensive account of the incident.

One thing though, the VIOFO A119 V3 doesn’t come with built-in WiFi, so you won’t be able to pair it with your phone.

Exclusive this Black Friday, the VIOFO A119 V3 will be available at a discounted price of only $109.99!

VIOFO A119 Mini 2 2K QHD

Sony STARVIS 2 | Voice Controls | Dual-band Wi-Fi and GPS

The star of the show is definitely VIOFO’s best-in-class 2K dash cam, the A119 Mini 2. Just released in June of 2023, this camera comes packed with modern tech improvements, including the latest Sony STARVIS 2 image sensor.

Even if it’s only as tiny as a car key, don’t underestimate its power and quality. Aside from built-in GPS, dual-band 2.4Ghz/5GHz Wi-Fi, and Parking Mode, the VIOFO A119 Mini 2 now also has Smart Voice Controls and Voice notifications! With this, you can speak to your dash cam to perform a variety of operations, and rely on it to keep you updated on its status, all without keeping you distracted while driving – truly built for a safe drive!

Offering all essential features in a dash cam, top-tier image quality, all in a compact size and affordable price? The A119 Mini 2 is a gift that your loved ones will clearly love!

Exclusive this Black Friday, the VIOFO A119 Mini 2 will be available at a discounted price of only $139.99!


Running from November 17 to 26, these are the latest Thinkware dash cams up for grabs on Black Friday.
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Thinkware F70 Pro Full HD

Advanced Energy Saving and Smart Parking Modes | Built-in Bluetooth for Pairing

It’s basic, but it’s one of the newest models launched this 2023. Meet the smallest Thinkware to date, the Thinkware F70 Pro.

Despite its small size and below a hundred USD price, this full HD dash cam that records 1080P @ 30 FPS features the most recent Thinkware developments, including Wi-Fi, built-in Bluetooth for connection, sophisticated parking settings, and safety alerts to keep you safe on the road.

Beyond that, like the Thinkware U3000, the F70 Pro also has built-in Bluetooth that allows you to connect your compatible Android or iOS device in seconds to conveniently replay your newest driving footage and adjust your dash cam's settings – a perfect budget-friendly dash cam gift for all ages this season!

This Black Friday, the Thinkware F70 Pro is available at $129.99 – the most affordable one-channel dash cam with premium parking mode features!

Shop Your Entry-Level Dash Cams this Black Friday!

The answer to the best budget-friendly and basic dash cams this Black Friday is clear! If you want to see more options, check out our 2023 Black Friday Dash Cam Guide and find the categories suitable for you and your needs!

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