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Real 4K vs. Fake 4K Dash Cams

You guide in finding the genuine 4K dash cam for you.

A few years ago, drivers began using dash cams to record their trips for security. Today, one of the reasons people get a dash cam is to record their drives - and share them with friends and family on social media. Some people even use dash cam footage for vlogs.

Moreover, when the situation calls for it and you need sufficient evidence, even if you only need the video footage once, having high-quality, detailed video is essential. And having a 4K dash cam, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160P, has far more detail than 1080p video.

Things to consider when getting a 4K dash cam

The image sensor is the most important spec to look for when determining whether or not a dash cam is capable of recording true 4K video. To capture a true 4K video file, the image sensor must be at least 8MP.

Sony STARVIS image sensors

The three key imaging attributes of a dash cam are HDR (high dynamic range), high sensitivity, and high resolution - and we believe that Sony delivers these best with its image sensors.

Its STARVIS technology is designed to capture the faintest light in a dark place, such as a small alleyway without street lights, and convert this light into noise-less electrical signals - delivering an image of the target object through the realistic rendition of its shapes and colors.

Multiple channel cams

If you plan on purchasing a 4k dual-channel dash cam, make sure to check the video specs of the rear camera as well, as the rear camera will frequently have lower video quality.

Video storage

Because 4K video takes up more file space on the dash cam's microSD card, a larger storage capacity is recommended. We recommend a storage capacity of 64GB or greater.

The Rise of Fake 4K Dash Cams

Unfortunately, hundreds of fake 4K dash cams are currently for sale on online marketplaces like Amazon!

Again, a dash cam must have at least an 8MP image sensor in order to record true 4K video at 3840x2160p. On the other hand, the majority of these 4K wannabes only have 2MP or 4MP image sensors. They claim to be 4K because the video is resized to look like a 4K video file, despite the fact that it was not actually recorded at 3840 x 2160p.

A true 4K camera is one that can record at 2160p resolution and 30 frames per second (fps). It must be capable of doing so without using tricks like upscaling or interlacing video. These tricks severely degrade video quality and are not appropriate for a 4K dash cam.

How to tell the difference between real 4K vs. fake 4K

Without going into too much detail, there are a few ways to determine whether or not your camera is a genuine 4K camera.


4K cameras require a higher-quality sensor than 1080P cameras currently on the market. As a result, if your camera costs less than $100 USD, the chances of it being a fake 4K are higher, and you will most likely not get the results you were hoping for.

Frame rates

FPS such as 20FPS, 10FPS, and 15FPS are not accepted by Ultra HD standards. Normally, UltraHD has a frame rate of more than 30 frames per second. If your 4K camera claims to have a maximum frame rate of 24fps, it is most likely a scam!

Video Resolution

If your 4K camera displays a resolution less than 3840x2160 pixels, it is most likely an upscaled camera. Only True 4K dash cams can capture images with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. It is worth noting that the output resolution of many standard 1080P cameras is 1920x1080 pixels.

Dash Cam Processor

The top-tier cameras should highlight the chipset they use, so you can tell if they're using one that will deliver the quality you're paying for. Processors like the Ambarella series, Hisilicon 3559 and Allwinner V316 are some of the trusted ones that can support 4K.

Beware of Fake 4k dash cams

Some dash cams that we discovered that provide fake 4K are Rove R2-4K and Rexing V1 4K UHD.

OmniVision OV4689 CMOS sensors power these cameras. According to their specifications, their 1/3-inch OV4689 (a small sensor in comparison to others) can capture full-resolution 4-megapixel high definition.

However, this 4MP does not imply that the video was recorded at 4K (3840x2160p), but rather that it could be recorded up to 2688x1520 (4085760 pixels = 4MP), which is only about 2K resolution.

So, in reality, you will only have a Full HD or 2K video that has been resized to 4K Ultra HD.

Our top picks for True 4K UHD Dash Cams

Choose Real 4K for Real Protection

A quick Google search will yield a plethora of 4K cameras for you to choose from, but not all of them are true to their name.

We hope that our guide and recommendations will narrow down your search and lead you to the genuine 4k dash cam that you need. Got more questions? Send us a message and our dash cam experts will be happy to help!