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Optimal Settings for the Vantrue M3 Mirror Dash Cam

Compared to a regular dash cam, having mirror cameras enable drivers to monitor and secure the protection of their cars - all conveniently seen on one screen. And this is what our newest flagship offering and first-ever mirror camera, the Vantrue Mirror Camera 3, wants you to experience.

Whether you’re looking for a high-quality dash cam, or have already ordered from us, we will provide you with the list of information that will help you maximize the functions of your Vantrue Mirror Cam 3, particularly through its optimal settings.

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Optimal Settings: Vantrue Mirror Cam 3

The optimal settings of this three-channel dash cam can be navigated by going to the menu settings. Here, you can easily customize over 30 settings for your front, interior and rear cameras.


This setting allows you to choose from a selection of languages depending on your preference. For the Vantrue Mirror Cam 3, the default language setting is English. Language is the first setting that you can modify in the menu so it will be easier to configure.

Recommend Setting:

Language: Your Preference

Time and Date

Through this setting, you no longer have to grab your phone or watch when you need to check the time. You can choose between a 12-hour or a 24-hour clock whichever time zone you are in. More than the convenience, adjusting the time and date is also valuable for your device's GPS and video recording functions.

Recommend Setting:

  • Automatically Sets the Time by GPS: ON
  • Time Zone: Set it to your timezone
  • 12-Hour / 24-Hour: Your preference

SD Card Storage

This setting contains the SD card information for the Mirror Cam 3. Here, you can see the maximum storage capacity of your MicroSD card and the total amount of space your device's files have taken up. You can set up "Format Reminders" every 15 and 30 days.

Recommend Setting:

  • Format Reminder Setup: 30 Days


To get the best video quality of your footage, you can pick the most optimal setting in the front camera, interior camera, and rear cam resolutions. You also have the option to just use the front and rear-facing camera, although we suggest using all three cameras for all-around security.

Recommend Setting:

  • Front + Cabin + Rear: 1440P + 1080P + 1080P video resolution
  • Front and Rear: 1440P+1080P video resolution

Video Frame Rate of the Car Camera

The quality of the footage is heavily influenced by the dash cam's frame rate, which in turn determines how realistic the video coverage appears - crucial in recording evidence in the event of an accident. Typically, dash cams come with a frame rate of 30 FPS, which offers crystal-clear, realistic, and natural motion video. In this setting, you have the option to record video changing between 30 FPS and 28 FPS.

Recommend Setting:

  • Frame Rate: 30 FPS

Dash Camera Loop Recording Feature

With the Loop Recording feature, this mirror dash camera can record short video increments of 1, 3, or 5 minutes. The oldest recorded file will be deleted when storage is full to make room for a new one. We advise selecting the 1-minute loop recording option so less footage gets deleted once Loop Recording kicks in.

Recommend Setting:

  • Loop Recording: 1-minute

Cabin Mirror

The Cabin Mirror settings can be turned on and off. This depends on how you installed your device. We highly recommend activating this feature for Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare Drivers.

Recommend Setting:

  • Cabin Mirror: ON

Rotate Display 180°

This setting allows you to activate the camera’s rotating display.

Recommend Setting:

  • Rotate Display 180° - Your Preference

Rear Mirror

This setting allows you to activate your rear mirror.

Recommend Setting:

  • Rear Mirror - Your Preference

Rear Rotate Display 180°

This setting allows you to activate the rear camera’s rotating display.

Recommend Setting:

  • Rear Rotate Display 180° - Your Preference

Dash Cam Audio Recording

There are some situations where audio recording is beneficial. Recording verbal exchanges with people or law enforcement officers outside the car in case of a violation, for instance, or recording sounds that may indicate events occurring outside your camera's view, or even inside the car. However, you should be aware that recording video and audio footage may be illegal in some states due to privacy concerns.

Recommend Setting:

  • Audio Recording - Your Preference


The G-Sensor initiates critical event detection, automatically detecting vehicle impact and collisions. This keeps the existing video clips from being overwritten. The Vantrue Mirror Cam 3's G-Sensor sensitivity is adjustable from 1 to 5 in this setting. Unless you find it too sensitive, it's best to stick with the default setting of 3 to avoid triggers.

Recommend Setting:

  • Forward & Backward - Level 3
  • Leftward & Rightward - Level 3
  • Upward & Downward - Level 3

Battery Low Voltage Protection

The Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 also has a real-time vehicle battery voltage monitoring feature. It shows your car battery's voltage and allows you to choose from 11.8V, 12V, and 12.4V multi-stage low battery protection levels.

Recommend Setting:

  • Car Protection Voltage: 12V

Low Night Vision Parking Mode

Thanks to the Sony STARVIS image sensors, the Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 offers decent performance in low-light conditions. In this setting, you can easily activate or deactivate the low-light night vision parking mode.

Recommend Setting:

  • Low Night Vision Parking Mode: ON

Parking Mode

Your Vantrue Mirror Cam 3's parking mode is designed for your device to go into a state of hibernation when your car is parked. The mirror cam is on alert for movement or motion but is not actually recording anything to the memory card yet - saving energy and minimizing unnecessary recording. Here you can adjust the settings for the activation and sensitivity of collision detection, low framerate, and motion detection.

Recommend Setting:

  • Motion Detection: ON
  • Sensitivity: Medium
  • Parking Recording Duration: Unlimited


You can modify the brightness of your Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 using the exposure setting to match the background and clearly review footage. For the best lighting quality, our recommended exposure value is the default setting, which is +0.0.

Recommend Setting:

  • Exposure: +0.0


This feature allows you to have the best dash cam recording in conditions where street lights and ac lighting is used.

Recommend Setting:

  • Frequency: 50HZ

Device Sound

This setting allows you to adjust the volume of the sound generated by your Vantrue Mirror Cam 3. Depending on your need, you can choose from low, medium, and high. If you find this a distraction, you can also turn it off.

Recommend Setting:

  • Device Sound: Your Preference

Warning Tone

This setting allows you to turn the beeping sound on or off when pressing buttons. Here you can adjust the alerts and notification sounds for your activated features such as format reminder, video-locked prompt, abnormal video recording, and keys sound.

Recommend Setting:

  • Format Reminder Setup: ON
  • Video Locked Prompt Tone: ON
  • Abnormal Video Recording Stopped Prompt Tone: ON
  • Keys Sound: ON

Auto LCD Off

You can configure the screen to stay on while the camera is receiving power or to turn it off after minutes of inactivity. While the screen is turned off, the camera also continues to record, and the recording LED remains red to indicate that the device is recording.

Recommend Setting:

  • Auto LCD Off: 1 Minute

LCD Brightness

The LCD brightness setting affects the exposure of your video. If your windows are darkly tinted, you may want to adjust the brightness if the footage appears too dark. With the Vantrue Mirror Cam 3, you can choose between low, medium, and high.

Recommend Setting:

  • LCD Brightness: Your Preference

Reverse Setting

This Vantrue model has a special feature called Reverse Aid Line. This allows you to set and get some reverse lines like a backup camera. It is important to note that you can only use it if you're connected to your backup camera. Once the settings are modified, hit the checkmark to save the current settings.

Recommend Setting:

  • Reverse Aid Line: Your Preference

Time Lapse

The term "time-lapse" refers to a video recording mode that allows your dash cam to capture a single image per second. When played back at a standard 30fps rate, everything appears to be moving faster than usual. This setting of your mirror dash cam can help you choose between 1 fps, 3 fps, 5 fps, and 10 fps. If you don't find it useful for your drive, you can also turn it off.

Recommend Setting:

  • Time Lapse: 3 FPS

Number Plate

For additional identification purposes, this setting allows you to input your car's official number plate.


The Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 has a built-in GPS with BeiDou-3 Navigation Satellite System offering ultra-precise navigation and time tracking so your video evidence is as strong as possible. This is helpful for ridesharing and fleet management solutions. You can activate this by toggling the ON button.

Recommend Setting:

  • GPS: ON

Speed Unit

Useful for tracking and preventing speed camera alerts, this setting enables you to modify the unit of measurement for your speed. As every location may vary, you have the option to choose between kilometers per hour and miles per hour.

Recommend Setting:

  • KM/H or MPH: Your Preference

GPS Information

The GPS information shows your vehicle's latitude, longitude, and speed. These are usually logged once per second to confirm your location and direction.


This feature will include the necessary icons and information on all the footage produced by your mirror cam. All you have to do is turn the feature on if you want it to appear on your screen.

Recommend Setting:

  • Vantrue Stamp: Your Preference
  • Date and Time Stamp: Your Preference
  • Speed Stamp: Your Preference
  • GPS Location: Your Preference
  • License Plate Number Stamp: Your Preference

Dash Cam Default Settings

This feature will reset all your settings and return your Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 to the factory standard settings.

2022 Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 System Info

In this last menu setting, the Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 presents the device's model, software used, product website and MCU version for additional information.

If you have more questions about the Vantrue Mirror Cam 3, or want to know more about the best dash cams on the market, feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help you fine a dash cam or mirror cam that best suits your needs.

Exclusively Available for Preorder at BlackboxMyCar

Get your hands on the Vantrue M3 before the scheduled release date November 20. The Vantrue M3 2K 3-Channel Mirror Dash Cam is exclusively available now for preorder at BlackboxMyCar. And as part of the pre-order offer, we are giving a FREE 32GB microSD card.

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