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My BlackVue dash cam is restarting randomly. How do I fix it?

Are you experiencing random restarts with your BlackVue dash cam? You’re in the right place! If your BlackVue is continuously restarting after being initially powered on, it could be an issue with your Micro SD card, or an issue with your wiring.

This indicates that the dash cam is getting power, but often there’s an issue with the camera software or SD card. In this article, we'll delve into potential solutions and steps to address this inconvenience.

MicroSD Cards Matter

The most likely cause of these random restarts on your BlackVue dash cam is faulty or corrupted SD cards. This may conflict with the dashcam's operation, and when the camera doesn’t receive proper commands from the SD card, prompts unexpected reboots in a cycle.  

Firstly, ensure you are using a compatible and durable SD card. BlackVue dash cams have specific requirements for the micro SD cards they support to achieve proper performance, including capacity, speed class, and brand. They suggest using a self-branded BlackVue micro SD card to match these specifications. However third-party SD cards such as the SanDisk Ultra A1 will also work. Write speed is important for Dash Cam’s constant recording, and a Class 10 or UHS Speed Class 1 (U1) card is recommended. Dash cams often operate in harsh conditions, including temperature extremes and constant read/write cycles. Choose an SD card designed for endurance or continuous recording to ensure reliability over time.

Moreover, BlackVue cameras are also very strict regarding the format of their SD cards, which must be converted into FAT32 in order to function. Any SD card of a different format will not operate in the BlackVue camera, and some newer models will automatically reformat cards.

If this happens to you, try troubleshooting by formatting the microSD card or updating the firmware. If the problem persists, consider switching to a different microSD card, such as the included BlackVue SD card that comes with all models.

Could it be Corrupted?

SD cards can be stressed by the constant recording of a dash cam, and aggressive read/write cycles. Dash cams continuously record video footage in a loop, which involves frequent read and write operations to the SD card. Over time, these operations can cause wear and tear on the card's memory cells, leading to potential data corruption.

When a specific section of the SD card is corrupted, it’s not uncommon for the BlackVue dash cam to cease operating, as it has no orders from the SD card. Outside of the small section of the SD card that is corrupted, the camera will often function normally, until reaching the corrupted section again, rebooting and repeating the section.

Troubleshooting Guide

For BlackVue microSD card users experiencing random reboots, there are three things you can do to troubleshoot: format the microSD card, update your dash camera’s firmware, or reinsert the microSD card in its slot. When formatting the microSD card, we recommend doing a full reformat and then installing the latest dash cam firmware version.

Aside from the dedicated mobile apps, formatting an SD card can be done through the dash cam itself. Modern dash cams like BlackVue usually have a format button that you have to press for 5 to 10 seconds, let go momentarily, and then hold for another 5 to 10 seconds. After hearing the voice prompt, you’re done!

However, this is not the case for the new BlackVue dash cams which have no format buttons. So in this case, another option you can do to format your BlackVue’s micro SD card is via any computer SD card formatter into FAT32, but we recommend the BlackVue Viewer. To do this, you’ll have to take the SD card out of the camera and connect it to your computer using an SD card reader, such as the one supplied with the camera.

To Format the SD card over Windows:

    1. Connect your SD card and open the BlackVue SD Card Viewer
    2. Ensure that your SD card is selected, with the folder icon in the top right.
    3. Press the SD card symbol in the top-right
    4. Press the Format button in the Format micro SD card window

To format your SD card in a Mac:

Consider the Cabling

While software-related issues are more common causes of irregular restarts, cabling can also be the cause, be it fluctuating voltage currents or the cable itself being pinched during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Consider using an alternative power cable to verify if this is the issue.

Dash Cam cables are often run through the frame of your vehicle around tight corners and trims. As your vehicle moves, sometimes the positioning of this cable can change, too, leading to it being pinched in the frame, unable to provide power momentarily, and causing a restart. Ensure that your camera cable has enough space to breathe, and consider using cable clips to fasten the cable in place.

Loose or improperly connected cables can create resistance in the power supply chain, leading to voltage drops or spikes. Ensure that the power cable is securely plugged into both the dash cam and the power source.

Fluctuations in the vehicle's electrical system, such as voltage spikes or drops caused by alternator issues or other electrical components, can affect the power supply to the dash cam. Ensure that the power source of the camera is consistent, and not subject to such spikes.

Important Notes

  • It is recommended to format the microSD card every couple of months to avoid any operational issues related to the microSD card.
  • If you have been using a microSD card for 6+ months, it is recommended to get a new one. The BlackVue microSD cards have a six-month warranty period. You can contact the seller to replace the faulty BlackVue microSD card within the warranty period.
  • The main requirement (aside from the microSD card being Class 10) is that the microSD card must be formatted as FAT 32 [Windows] or MS-DOS (FAT) [Mac].

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