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LOOK-IT LI-850W Wireless Backup Camera

The LOOK-IT LI-850W rearview camera system is an easy-to-use reverse camera system that uses your smartphone to monitor the rear surrounding of a vehicle. The complete system is simple and easy to install, and best of all the setup is completely wireless. Using Bluetooth technology, LI-850W can connect wirelessly between the remote, the rear camera and the smartphone to deliver a seamless user experience. LOOK-IT is a perfect solution for those who are unwilling to trade-in or purchase brand new vehicles for safety and comfort of driving.

Opening the box reveals two main components of the rearview camera system. The primary rear view camera, which is also attached to the plate backer, and the remote. The remote itself can be strapped on to the steering wheel with the included attachment or adhered to the dashboard with the double-sided adhesive tape. The remote has three buttons that enable activation and an easily customizable user-designated smartphone app.

Using the LI-850W is as simple as pressing the button on the remote. The smartphone will then automatically unlock and activate the LOOK-IT app. Once enabled, the driver can then get a clear view behind the vehicle to eliminate any blind spots and make parking a lot more simple and safe.

Once the system is activated, guidelines will appear on the phone’s display to determine vehicle placement. These guidelines help the driver to be aware of the distance remaining during reverse or parallel parking procedures. For the sake of efficiency and dark places, the camera is also equipped with a low-light video sensor, controlling the surrounding brightness displayed on the phone and switches the phone off 30 seconds after the car is parked.

The LOOK-IT LI-850W fits behind the vehicle’s license plate and is both waterproof and built to prevent year-round weathering and prolongs the product’s longevity. The black license plate design will appeal to a lot more buyers as it appears low profile on any type of vehicles.

The companion app is easy to use as well, simply by creating an account to link the camera to your smartphone. This pairing process prevents others from connecting to your camera for enhanced security.

Overall, everything about LOOK-IT is smart, simple and secure. From the mobile app to the license plate camera and to the remote, this product has been very impressive during our use. We highly recommend the LI-850W for someone who is searching for a more secure parking experience. With its relatively low price point, the LOOK-IT is an affordable way to equip your vehicle with a reliable and easy to use rearview camera. We look forward to seeing what software and design updates that the company comes out with, as we’re confident they will always be looking to improve this product.