Koonlung Comparison Chart

We're excited to launch a new lineup of Chinese dashcams featuring high quality internal components and premium design. They don't offer certain features like WiFi or Parking Mode by motion detection but are a great value for those looking for an easy to use dashcam. The A76, C74, and C81 share a similar design that's very small for a suction cup mounted dashcam, while the K1S offers a very different dual channel dashcam solution. 

Koonlung A76

Koonlung C74

Koonlung C81

Koonlung K1S

Dashcam Type Single Channel Single Channel Single Channel Dual Channel
Maximum Resolution 1080P @ 30 FPS 1296P @ 30 FPS | 1080P @ 45 FPS 1296P @ 30 FPS | 1080P @ 45 FPS 1080P @ 30FPS (Front & Rear)
Sensor 3.2MP AR0330  4MP OV4689 Sensor 4MP OV4689 Sensor 2MP Omnivision OV2710
Lens 140° F/2.4 160° F/2.0 160° F/2.0 140° F/2.4
GPS N/A N/A Built-In N/A
Maximum SD Card 32GB Micro SD 64GB Micro SD 64GB Micro SD 64GB Micro SD
Screen Size 2.0" Screen 2.0" Screen 2.4" Screen 2.7" Touchscreen
Mounting Suction Cup Suction Cup Suction Cup Adhesive Mount | Segregated Design
Temperature Range -20° - 60° C -20° - 60° C -20° - 60° C -10° - 60° C