How To: Reset WiFi Password on BlackSys CH-100B

If you've changed the password on your BlackSys CH-100B and the password saved incorrectly or was forgotten, here's how you can reset it! Please note: You will need a Windows/Mac desktop in order to reset this password


  1. Unplug the power cable from the camera and let it shut down completely
  2. Eject the Micro SD card from the camera and put it into your computer using the supplied Micro SD to SD adapter or a USB card reader
  3. Install the BlackSys PC Viewer (available for both Windows and Mac) and open the viewer program
  4. Make sure the viewer has populated your Micro SD card and go to the settings menu on the CAMMSYS/BlackSys desktop program
  5. Go to the Additional tab and look for Wi-Fi Settings, type in a new password and click save
  6. Insert the card back into the camera and power on. Your new password should now be set!


Step 4 (locate settings menu)

Settings Menu BlackSys

Step 5 (additional settings)

BlackSys Additional Settings