First Impressions: Mini 0826

This week we received the new and improved Mini 0826. From its predecessor the Mini 0806 the Mini 0826 has the same premium look and feel. The first thing you notice is the same cylinder form factor as the Mini 0806 but slightly larger. The Mini 0826 has the same processor the Ambarella A7 chipset which was offered in the Mini 0806.

We were always impressed with the video quality the Mini 0806 managed to squeeze out of a tiny body so we were slightly concerned with the slightly bigger size of the body of the unit from its predecessor. We went to install it and took a look at it and my were we amazed to find out the Mini 0826 was just as discreet as the Mini 0806 from the interior and exterior. 

The Mini 0826 features the powerful Ambarella A7 chip that can record up to 1296p. Furthermore, it has built-in GPS and up to 8GB of internal storage without an SD card. It can further be expanded up to 128 GB of external storage. With its compact 1.5 inch LCD screen it was very convenient to change settings and review videos. The Mini 0826 with its 64 GB of maximum storage can store an impressive 24 hours of footage on the 1080p setting at 45 frames per second.

With its 3.2 MP CMOS sensor and a 135 degree viewing angle it captured license plates and signs clearly. The video quality of the Mini 0826 was impressive during day light driving catching vivid colors and details. During sunnier days the unit displays excellent video quality without any sharpening or processed looking footage. However, as the same as Mini 0826 during lower lighting settings and night time the quality does drop off more significantly than the Sony EXMOR CMOS sensors equipped with the BlackVue and FineVu products. 

Overall, it seems like the Mini 0826 proves to be a promising device compared to its predecessor the Mini 0806. The slightly larger body should help with the cooling of the device as the 0806 had a lot crammed into a tiny casing. We also suspect the quality control and build quality to be better since there was quite a bit of variance between the first batch of 0806 and the third batch of 0806. Since it is still fairly new we will do some more in-depth testing of both the performance and reliability, stay tuned for our full review!