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BlackboxMyCar S-Drive 10" CarPlay & Android Auto Wireless Display & Dash Cam

Everything you want to know about the wireless display

Did you know that the majority of vehicles out on the road are at a record level of age? It’s true, the average vehicle on the road is from 2009! While modern vehicles sport plenty of advanced features, we want to make sure that no vehicle is left behind, offering you the ability to modernize your vehicle.

Meet the all-new BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display, your newest companion on the road designed to keep you connected, entertained, and protected for every drive. In this article, we will show you more of the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display’s features and share why you should have one in your car.

What is the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display?

Can’t start the car without music, love to watch movies with the kids on long road trips or heavy traffic, or simply just wanna ensure you have your journeys recorded? Want the added peace of mind of a dash cam, and a better view for backing up? This is exactly what you need.

Officially launched in November 2023, the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display is the dash cam distributor’s first in-house CarPlay and Android Auto system built with a dual-channel back-up dash cam.

What’s in the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display Box?

Exclusively available at BlackboxMyCar, the S-Drive Display includes the following items in every package:

    • BlackboxMyCar 10" S-Drive CarPlay & Android Auto Display with Front Camera
    • Rear Backup Camera
    • Type-C Cigarette Lighter Power Cable
    • Monitor Base
    • Suction Mount
    • Extension Cable
    • Aux Cable
    • Product manual via QR code
    • 64GB SD Card

What does the S-Drive display look like?

The BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display boasts a 10-inch 1600*600 Touch IPS Screen that provides crystal-clear images and responsive interaction whether you're browsing menus, watching movies, or utilizing navigation apps. With its brilliant colours and fine details, your car’s interior comes to life!

For its User Interface, the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive consists of various functions accessible through its touchscreen. Here, you can adjust the device's settings, display, volume and audio output options, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto connectivity, and Bluetooth.

How does Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Work with it?

If your car doesn’t have a display that’s compatible with your mobile device for hands-free connectivity, the S-Drive Display is the one you need. Compatible with both Apple and Android, this 10-inch device mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard interacts seamlessly with your smartphone, making your driving experience more convenient than ever.  

For your entertainment, it has full mapping data through Google Maps, hands-free messaging/calls, and compatibility with your favourite music streaming sources such as Spotify, Apple Music, and even Deezer. If you’re not a fan of Carplay or Android Auto, S-Drive also features an FM Transmitter for broadcasting audio as a radio signal, and an AUX cable for an AUX connection – an all-one-solution for every audiophile driver out there!

The Android Auto supports both wired and wireless connections, while Apple CarPlay exclusively supports wireless connectivity. Its Bluetooth also serves the purpose of a seamless connection with a mobile phone, pairing automatically like true carplay, and also supports audio transmission to car speakers via Bluetooth.

S-Drive’s a Dash Cam and Backup Cam too!

I’m sure you all know how much we love dash cams, so we put one in the S-Drive too! Getting a dual-channel dash cam is a better choice than having a front-only dash cam – added protection, of course!

Powered by an Allwinner V535 Cortex-A7@1GHz processor, the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display can record detailed Full HD 1080P footage for the front and rear to record your drives, while also helping you park with confidence.

Other recording options are 2.5K front and 720P Rear and 720P for both front and rear. With this dual-channel driving recorder, you can stream and save footage for reviewing incidents, or simply saving travel memories.

The rear camera is designed discrete, and to be mounted by the license plate of the vehicle. If wired properly, the front display will show the rear feed when the vehicle is put into reverse, your very own backup camera, no matter the vehicle.

What are the other convenience features of the S-Drive Display?

Through this innovative device, you can now connect your mobile devices wirelessly over its 2.4GHz and 5Ghz dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to enjoy hands-free calling, web access, and streaming entertainment apps.

So whether you're listening to music or making essential phone calls, the S-Drive Display keeps you in contact while keeping your hands on the wheel for maximum safety. It also has Screen Mirroring functions, allowing you to display any app from your phone on the screen in live-time.

It also supports Voice Controls that can assist you in performing simple operations hands-free! Wether it's switching to view your backup camera on-the-fly, or turning off the display screen, it's all as easy as can-be.

How do I Install the S-Drive Display?

The device is fairly easy to use and install. The BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display includes a USB-C Power Supply Interface that efficiently connects to your car's cigarette lighter adapter. To power it up, begin by mounting S-Drive on your vehicle dashboard using the provided adhesives. Ensure the vehicle is turned off, then locate the 12V power port (cigarette lighter socket) in your car.

Next, insert the 12V car charger into the cigarette socket of your vehicle and connect the other end to the CarPlay Display. Turn on the vehicle's ignition, and the BlackboxMyCar logo display will power up. Simply follow the on-screen instructions for the initial setup of CarPlay or Android Auto, then use the features with your connected smartphone. Once paired, it will immediately try and seamlessly connect to your phone like a true carplay connection, via Bluetooth.

When finished, safely turn off the vehicle. That’s it. No complicated wiring or technical expertise required – simply plug it in, and enjoy the advantages on the go!

How do I install the Rear Camera of the S-Drive Display?

Installing the rear camera of the S-Drive Display is also easy. First, you need to choose an appropriate location on the rear bumper or license plate area for the camera. Make sure it's secure and use adhesive at a dry location or bolting it.

Next, route the camera's wiring through the vehicle's interior to the front display. Then connect the rear camera's power wire (short red wire, located near the rear camera) to the reverse light wire for automatic activation when reversing and ground the black wire to the vehicle's frame. After that, you can connect the camera's video cable to the display monitor.

Once done, you can test the S-Drive’s rear camera to verify proper functionality. Take note that the rear camera view should appear on the front display when the vehicle is in reverse.

Does it require a micro SD card?

Like any other dash cam, the S-Drive requires an external micro SD card to record with its Dash Cam and can be used to watch downloaded applications, movies, and music. The good news is that every BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display comes with a 64GB micro SD card for your storage, although if you wish to upgrade it, it can support memory cards up to 256GB.

Get All-in-One Driving Convenience with BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display!

The S-Drive Display is now available in BlackboxMyCar. If you wish to equip your car with an all-in-one entertainment, connectivity and safety accessory, this device is the way to go! Shop yours and elevate your driving experience with the S-Drive now!

BlackboxMyCar S-Drive 10" Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Display w/ Dash Cam

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