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Dashcam Viewer PC/Mac Viewer

Visualize Your Drive Using Dashcam Viewer

One of the things that make VIOFO dash cams like the A119 Mini 2, A139 Pro, and A229 extremely convenient to use is its dedicated VIOFO mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Still, a lot of our customers have also asked if VIOFO happens to have a dedicated PC or Mac Viewer, just like BlackVue and Thinkware. While VIOFO doesn’t have a dedicated web viewer, there’s a software tool that is 100% compatible with your VIOFO dash cam models: the Dashcam Viewer. And best of all? You can try out the Dash Cam Viewer for Free!

What is the Dashcam Viewer?

A Dashcam Viewer for your PC or Mac is software that lets you examine and analyze footage from your dashboard camera, at a larger screen. Through this tool, you can analyze and organize recorded videos, download crucial footage, and improve overall road safety by spotting events and monitoring driving behaviour.

Downloading a Dashcam Vewer can help you get the most out of your dashcam investment by providing vital insights into your driving, ensuring that you have a trustworthy record of occurrences on the road. The Dashcam Viewer is available on Mac and Windows and is compatible with over 140 different dash cam models including VIOFO.

What are the Features of the Dashcam Viewer?

Organizes Your Files Instantly

The best way to make the most of your VIOFO dash cam’s footage is to see it through this software. The Dashcam Viewer automatically organizes your video clips, helping you save time rather than sifting through your files on your micro SD card plugged into your computer.

Moreover, the Dashcam Viewer easily exports portions of clips from your VIOFO dash cam into short videos or images for easy viewing. You can also combine multiple videos into one, or combine consecutive videos in a Trip List for simple, sequential viewing.

Audio Event Detection

The Dashcam Viewer also identifies sudden changes in volume in your videos so that events like collisions and horns are easy to find.

Export GPS data

While your camera embeds footage with GPS data, this is not typically viewable with your everyday footage player. With the Dashcam Viewer, data from the dash cam’s GPS receiver can be exported into a number of different file formats for easy access. GPS data will automatically be saved with video files so when they are uploaded you have all their information. Also, you can export portions of movies to separate files or images!


Geotags, or custom markers, can be dropped at locations on routes and be later selected to find clips efficiently through the Dashcam viewer. Useful for fleets, these markers will show up on the map or in a list view and double clicking the marker will instantly take you to that point in the route.

Map & Dashboard Displays

As you view your footage in the Dashcam Viewer, the map display shows the location and route where your vehicle has driven. It displays information such as your car’s position, speed, direction, and time while also offering in-depth GPS information for dash cams that support advanced GPS data collection.

Data Plots

In this feature, your driving data is displayed in active 2D graphs. The charts display different metrics, such as speed and distance for the entire route. You can click on a graph to jump to that exact moment in the video sequence.

Visualize Your Drive with Dashcam Viewer

Best for your VIOFO dash cam, the Dashcam Viewer removes the guesswork by helping you find and prepare the video documentation to analyze fine details on a bigger screen. Beyond the convenience features, this software is also recommended in saving your travel memories, while also providing you the protection and peace of mind you need, with just a click.

Dashcam Viewer is available for both macOS and Windows. Download here.