Cobra CDR 825E Review

In terms of pricing the Cobra CDR 825E slots right in between the very compact CDR 820 and the GPS-equipped CDR 840 which all come from the well-regarded Cobra brand. The 825E has a familiar shape seen on a few Chinese and Taiwanese dash cams with a 2.7" screen on the back. There are however a few nuances which set it apart from the Cobra range and other Chinese dash cams such as the popular G1W-C

Clean design that's fully matte black and reasonably discreet

Inside the Box

Like other Cobra dash cams the CDR 825E comes in a very nice box and is ready to go thanks to the supplied 8GB micro SD card. A USB cable to connect to your computer and the typical cigarette lighter adapter is included as well. Where the CDR 825E differs from the other Cobra dash cams is in the included mounts. We've complained that the suction cup mounts on the CDR 820/840/900 and other Chinese dash cams add a lot of bulkiness to the design. The CDR 825E comes with a flat adhesive mount adapter keeping the overall height down, but also for those that want a more temporary solution they supply a low profile suction cup as well. This really impressed us with the 825E and going forward we hope that more dash cams will integrate these types of mounts. 

A slim suction cup offers less adjustability but a much more discreet mounting solution


There's not too much to talk about as far as features on the CDR 825E goes. It has an internal G-Sensor which protects footage files so they don't get looped over and a fairly intuitive button/menu setup but it lacks WiFi and GPS which isn't a surprise given its price point. It's also not really designed to be a hardwired dash cam like the Blackvue/FineVu units, so it lacks parking mode by motion detection which is essential in protecting your parked car. Overall it's a fairly simple and basic dash cam although some users might prefer that, especially those unfamiliar with dash cams. 

A fairly simple button and menu layout on the CDR 825E


Unlike the Cobra CDR 820 and 840 dash cams, the 825E actually uses the well known Ambarella chipset for improved night time performance. Also one of our gripes with those two aforementioned Cobra dash cams was their narrow 120 degree lens, the CDR 825E uses a much wider 140 degree viewing angle to capture more within the frame. There are quite a few sample videos on YouTube and the quality is quite impressive overall. 


Among the diverse range of Cobra dash cams the CDR 825E is probably our favourite thanks to a wide angle lens and low profile mounting solutions. The video quality is great and the dash cam itself is quite attractive. We still prefer cameras like the Blackvue DR3500 and FineVu CR500HD for the parking mode optimization, but we understand some customers prefer not to hardwire their dash cams and like having screens to review footage/change settings. 

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