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BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE 4K UHD vs. BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus Full HD Dash Cam Review

Since 2021, the BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE has been one of the South Korean dash cam manufacturers’ rapid sales drivers. This dash cam was the first in its line up to offer built-in 4G LTE connectivity, which provided users a game-changing ownership experience, especially in making the most out of the BlackVue Cloud.

And two years later, BlackVue announced the arrival of its second dash cam model that also offers built-in 4G LTE connectivity - the DR970X-2CH LTE. Let’s see if the features offered by this BlackVue are enough to take over the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE vs. BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus: Video Quality

Similar to the BlackVue DR900X-2CH Plus, the all-new DR970X-2CH LTE also delivers 4K Ultra High Definition resolution @ 30 frames per second - thanks to the 8MP Sony STARVIS image sensor for the front, and 2.1MP for the rear camera. The difference is that the DR970X-2CH LTE comes with a new SigmaStar CPU and image processor, topped off with ISP tuning that results in better camera quality and performance in both daytime and nighttime.

Now, let’s go over the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus. Compared to the DR970X-2CH LTE’s 4K UHD, the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus only captures Full HD, and has a lower-grade 2.1MP front and rear camera. If we’re looking at license plates here, it’s obvious that 8MP would produce a clearer image of the cars ahead and traffic behind. Although with the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus, motion blur is also reduced as it captures Full HD @ 60 frames per second, recording crucial details even in fast-paced situations.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE vs. BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus: Camera System and Angles

Obviously, both the DR970X-2CH LTE and the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus have dual-channel systems. In fact, the DR970X-2CH LTE, like the DR900X-2CH Plus, has one of the widest angle views in the market, capturing up to 162-degrees for its front camera - that means you get to have a better view of the lanes around you.

The DR970X-2CH LTE’s rear camera also provides decent angle shots at 139-degrees, which also happens to be just equal to the rear camera of the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus. However, for the front camera, the DR970X-2CH reigns as the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus’ front camera only covers up to 139-degrees.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE

BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE vs. BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus: Built-in Connectivity Features

In terms of connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth, both the DR970X-2CH and the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus have these built in - but the DR970X-2CH is more advanced. Unlike the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus that is only capable of 2.4GHz Wi-FI, the newer DR970X-2CH offers dual-band Wi-Fi with 2.4GHz and 5Ghz, ensuring faster Wi-Fi connectivity.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE

BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE vs. BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus: Built-in 4G LTE and Cloud Connectivity

Now, we’ve come to the feature that makes both the DR970X-2CH LTE and the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus dash cams stand out among the rest of the BlackVues, and the rest of the dash cams in the market.

Both dash cams are built in with 4G LTE connectivity. If you have encountered BlackVue models before, you know that this requires a purchase of a separate CM100G-LTE module for instant connectivity. With the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus, and now the DR970X-2CH LTE, you no longer have to worry about getting an external module for 4G LTE as it already comes from the unit itself!

This is an advantage if you want to access the BlackVue Cloud - which is a major advantage for BlackVue users. Using this platform, you can access Remote Live View, Remote Playback and Backup, Push Notifications, Live Event Upload, and Driving Reports without having to connect to external devices!

Moreover, this also enables your BlackVue dash cam to transform itself into a mobile hotspot. Props to BlackVue for thinking of the passengers and extra devices that you may have, as this feature enables you to connect up to five devices. Laptops, tablets? No problem in connecting them all to the internet!

BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE vs. BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus: SIM Card Compatibility

For both DR970X-2CH LTE and DR750X-2CH LTE Plus, a SIM card is a must to activate the built-in LTE connectivity. BlackVue's DR750X-2CH LTE Plus supports AT&T and T-Mobile networks in the United States, as well as Bell, Rogers, and Telus networks in Canada.

It’s important to note that for the DR970X-2CH LTE, there is alternatively a BlackVue SIM Card is already included in the package, which also comes with 1GB of free data for the first month. Unfortunately, you don’t get this with the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE vs. BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus: Parking and Recording Modes

In this segment, both the DR970X-2CH LTE and the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus do the job equally. Like other BlackVue models, both dash cams provide an added layer of security with Intelligent Parking Mode, Impact and Motion Detection and Time Lapse Recording features.

But the DR970X-2CH LTE is more advanced as it also features built-in voltage monitoring, therefore this can be hardwired to your vehicle’s electrical system while protecting the battery against depletion.

Again, the BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus doesn’t have this feature, and in fact, it’s the only current (X Plus Series) BlackVue dash cam that doesn’t have a voltage monitor, with the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus solely relying on PMP for monitoring voltage.

Verdict: Which one should I get? The BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE or the BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus?

Since it was officially launched, the BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus has been a crowd favorite because of its ultra functional and convenient built-in 4G LTE connectivity.

And it was just this January 2023, during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA when BlackVue officially announced the new dash cam model that offers their most advanced features in terms of video resolution, processor, and LTE connectivity - the BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE.

If you are the go-big-or-go-home type of person, and if you want the best of BlackVue’s features, don’t miss the DR970X-2CH LTE. Its 4K UHD, ultra-wide angle lenses are highly reliable if you want to capture the best of views during your trips - which are beneficial not only for leisure but also for evidence and security in the event of an accident. It also has dual-band Wi-Fi, and the built-in 4G LTE connectivity to access the BlackVue Cloud is easier as the SIM Card is already included!

The DR750X-2CH LTE Plus is not a bad choice. Full HD @ 60FPS. Built-in 4G. Parking Mode. All decent. After all, a BlackVue is a BlackVue. However, with the tech advancements and dash cam demands, what the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus can offer could be considered as a premium 4G LTE dash cam standard.  

And the DR970X-2CH’s arrival has definitely beaten it.

The BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE, now available at BlackBoxMyCar

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