BlackVue DR750S Scheduled Reboot

There are few times when dash cam manufacturers actually bring something completely new to the table. The key features like motion detection, WiFi, G-sensors, and timelapse have all been done before although different dash cams may implement them differently. One neat feature we've seen on the new BlackVue DR750S-2CH and DR750S-1CH is the Scheduled Reboot setting

BlackVue DR750S-2CH

What does scheduled reboot mean? 

This setting is actually incredibly simple but also can be quite helpful. Especially for users that run a Cellink Battery B where there camera is often running 24/7, 365 days a year, and not ever getting a break. With the outgoing BlackVue DR650S-2CH, we've seen cases where the WiFi may not allow a connection or the GPS doesn't lock on, but simply after power cycling the device these errors resolve itself. 

You can activate this in the WiFi app by setting a time for the camera to power cycle itself. It should be set for some time during the middle of the night where it will be less likely to miss an incident. If there is in fact a video being recorded at the time of the scheduled reboot, it will skip the reboot and record the video instead. In which case the camera will reboot the next day. We find that this works perfectly fine as rebooting everyday is not completely necessary. Overall we think this is a clever feature that should significantly reduce the amount of issues experienced by customers.