BlackSys CH-100B First Impressions

It's a well-known fact that our best selling dash cam is the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH and for a good reason. It's sleek, reliable, and offers a very refined parking mode and WiFi feature. That being said, it's quite often that our customers reach out to us asking if there are any alternatives to this device, and up until now we haven't really had a true substitute that offered discreet design, good video quality, 2 Channel recording, and WiFi connectivity. The BlackSys CH-100B ticks all these boxes and positions itself as a competitive alternative to the tried and true DR650GW-2CH.

The form factor of the CH-100B is pretty unique as it uses a flat rectangular body rather than the cylindrical one found on the BlackVue. This makes for a lower profile design which may appeal to more North American customers despite this product being relatively unknown in North America. It's not the most attractive design but perhaps that is a plus as it doesn't draw much attention to itself either. The short design might also allow the BlackSys CH-100B to be mounted behind and above the rearview mirror for a very stealthy mounting position.

There are a few distinguishing features on the BlackSys CH-100B, for starters the GPS is not built-in to the device and the WiFi requires a USB dongle. There is a tradeoff here between a neater body with everything integrated and a somewhat segregated body with the Blacksys. When it comes to warranty this might be a plus for the Blacksys as a non-functioning WiFi may just require replacing a USB dongle rather than the whole unit. There may be benefits when it comes to heating and cooling as well since there is less crammed inside the body of the camera. As is the trend with Korean dash cams, direct hardwiring is the option provided, this means that no hardwiring kit such as the Power Magic Pro is needed to take advantage of parking mode and that the voltage detection is built right into the camera body. Some find this setup simpler while others enjoy the modularity of the BlackVue/Power Magic Pro setup especially if they want to upgrade to a Cellink Battery B.

On paper, the BlackSys CH-100B brings a lot to the table with its Sony CMOS sensor offering Full HD recording in the front and HD rear recording. The overall bitrate is low for a 2 Channel camera at 10Mbps combined (front and rear) so we don't expect to be blown away by the video quality. The CH-100B uses a 135 degree front lens and a 130 degree rear lens which is right in the sweet spot between wide viewing angle and overly distorted. The BlackSys also claims to work in a wide temperature range from -20C all the way to 70C (-4F - 158F) and we are interested to see how it does in real world testing. We're very excited to go in-depth with the BlackSys CH-100B and find out how the video quality and how easy the WiFi app is to use. We also want to know more about their long term reliability and essentially whether it lives up to be what sounds like a very compelling dash cam on paper.