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Best Dash Cam Settings for the VIOFO WM1 2K QHD 1-Channel Dash Cam

Smaller, simpler, and stealthier - this is how VIOFO defines its all new front-only 2K QHD dash cam. Aside from being a cost-effective option for those drivers who value recording the road ahead, the VIOFO WM1 is also a fully functional dash cam in terms of user convenience and security. Check out our highly-recommended dash cam settings to make the most out of the WM1:

Best Dash Cam Settings for the 2023 VIOFO WM1

Video Quality Settings

Resolution: 1440P @ 30FPS (default)

For the resolution, our recommended setting is 1440P, the max resolution. Lower resolutions will significantly reduce detail, though will allow more storage on the SD card.

Time lapse recording: OFF

Time-lapse recording captures all continuous videos at low frame rates of 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 10 / 15 fps, without audio.

Loop Recording: 3 Minutes

Three minutes strikes a good balance between finding the desired moment and having to scroll through a large number of files.

Record Audio: ON

This activates or deactivates the microphone. This can also be accessed by holding down the mic button while the camera is recording.

Exposure: 0

You can adjust the EV (Exposure Value) to get better recording results under different lighting conditions. The range is -2.0 to +2.0, and our recommended value is 0.0.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range): OFF

The dynamic range of an image is defined as the ratio of its brightest to darkest areas. WDR allows the camera to produce video with near-perfect exposure in a variety of lighting conditions.

G-sensor: LOW

The G-sensor is what detects impacts to your vehicle, measuring the Gravitational force impacting the vehicle. When this is triggered, the file is marked as an impact. With sensor ranges from 'Low' to 'High'.

Date Stamp: ON

Imprints the time and date on your recorded video.

Bitrate: High

A high bitrate will improve video quality and smoothness, particularly when recording fast motion or high contrast scenes. The amount of recording space available on your memory card will be reduced if you use high bitrate mode, as the files take up more space.

The VIOFO WM1 2K QHD 1-CH Dash Cam: System Settings

Language: Your Preference

Display language setting (English, Traditional Chinese, French, etc).

Time Zone: Your Preference

The current time zone is set for GPS time and date calibration. Keep in mind that the time zone must be manually adjusted for daylight savings.

Time Synchronization: On

This refers to the time synchronization of your device to your mobile phone. Turning this on will immediately bring the camera to your current phone’s time.

Date Format: Your Preference

Choose how you want the date to be displayed.

Boot Delay: 0

When you turn on the camera, it will take a few seconds to boot up. The settings you can choose from are 0 / 5s / 10s.

This setting was mainly added for start/stop engines, and should be used in specific situations.

Parking Mode: Your Preference

Under parking mode, you have three options:

  1. Auto event detection: When a moving object is detected during parking, the camera will automatically record for 1 minute. If there are no new movements, it will stop recording.
  2. Time lapse recording: Time-lapse recording captures a video at low frame rates of 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 10 / 15 fps, and it records continuously without audio.
  3. Low bitrate recording: This mode records video at a low bitrate of 4MB/s for both the front and back cameras. It continuously records in mini le size with audio recorded.

Note: We recommend buying VIOFO HK4 ACC hardwire kit cable for parking mode recording.

Parking Recording Timer: OFF

“Off” means the camera will stop recording when the hardwire kits cut the power supply. “1 hour” means the camera will shut down 1 hour after it enters parking mode.

Enter Parking Mode Timer: Your Preference

Set the timer for entering parking modes.

Parking G-sensor: HIGH

When the G-sensor detects significant or sudden movement (such as an impact or collision), an event recording is initiated. In parking mode recording, we recommend setting it to High sensitivity.

We recommend setting the G-sensor higher in parking mode than standard driving, as the vehicle should ideally be completely stationary when parked and it’s more likely you would prefer having small impacts recorded, while when driving poor road conditions or speedbumps are likely to trigger the G-sensor.

Parking Motion Detection: MID

This adjusts the detection sensitivity so that minor motion caused by wind or rain does not trigger a recording.

A higher setting will also detect passers by at a further distance.

Image Rotation: OFF

Turn the screen upside down.

Image Mirror: OFF

Change the flips/mirror the video recording.

Notification Sounds: ON

Enables you to enable and disable the startup sounds.

Voice Notifications: ON

Enables you to enable and disable Voice Notifications - can be changed to multiple languages.



If this option is disabled, your camera will no longer measure your speed and position, nor will it provide location data on your footage.

Speed Unit: Your Preference

Sets the speed unit, either in kilometers per hour (KPH) or miles per hour (MPH).

GPS Info Stamp: Your Preference

Imprints the GPS information on the recorded video.

Camera Model Stamp: Your Preference

Imprints the camera model on the recorded video.

Frequency: 60 HZ for USA and Canada

This is the setting for frequency adjustment to reduce flickering and banding in recorded video.


Format SD Card: Once a month

All data on the MicroSD card will be erased during the procedure. Once the Micro SD card is formatted, all information on it is lost and cannot be recovered, so make a backup of all important files.

Formatting the camera once a month is not required, but will help ensure the health and longevity of your SD card.

Reset Camera Setting: 30 Days

This restores camera settings to factory defaults after 30 days of inactivity.

Wi-Fi Name (SSID):

Change Wi-Fi name.

 Wi-Fi Password

Change Wi-Fi Password. Wi-Fi default password is 12345678

Custom Text Stamp: Your Preference

Imprints the customized text on the recorded video.

Car License Number: Your Preference

This is useful for adding license plates or other identifying features.

Free Space on Card

Shows microSD card’s remaining storage space.

Firmware Version

Displays current firmware version.

VIOFO WM1 2K QHD 1-Channel Dash Cam: Smaller, Simpler and Stealthier Solution

The VIOFO WM1 is an innovative dash cam that covers the basics well, records high-quality video, and has useful convenience features - within your reach. We hope this settings walk-through has emphasized the different settings and options for your Viofo camera, and made your initial experience with the unit all the easier.

If you're looking for a fresh budget front-only dash cam while also putting security as your top priority, watch out for the VIOFO WM1, at BlackBoxMyCar!

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