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Battle of the Best: BlackVue DR970X vs. BlackVue DR770X Box Dash Cam Review

BlackVue has just released two of its best dash cam models to date: the BlackVue DR970X Series, an upgraded version of the DR900X Plus, and the BlackVue DR770X Box Series, a completely new nameplate in its product lineup.

While both are outfitted with the most advanced BlackVue technology, there are some details that prospective buyers should consider -such as video resolution and overall security coverage. In this review, we will go over the key features of each dash cam to determine which one would give you the best value.

BlackVue DR970X vs. DR770X Box Dash Cam: Video Resolution

For the first round, it’s going to be 4K vs. Full HD. The DR970X-2CH records 4K UHD @ 30fps for its front camera and Full HD @ 60fps for its rear camera, which are powered by 8MP and 2.1 MP Sony STARVIS sensors at 30fps, respectively.

Image quality is quite different for the two. Using the same image sensor and lens as the DR900X-2CH Plus, the new DR970X series has also been improved with a SigmaStar CPU and a new image processor with ISP tuning - which also come to the DR770X Box. The result? Better white balance, dynamic range, and video contrast in low-light conditions.

While the DR970X offers 4K, the BlackVue DR770X Box is outfitted with Sony STARVIS cameras capable of capturing Full HD @ 60 frames per second on the front, Full HD @ 30fps on the rear, and Full HD @ 30fps Interior IR with a 180-degree field of view.

So, in terms of resolution, the BlackVue DR970X provides superior footage capable of capturing every detail such as road signs and license plates. However, don't dismiss the DR770X because it covers more than just the front and rear, which leads us to the next point.

BlackVue DR970X vs. DR770X Box: Camera and Recording Systems

If you’re satisfied with capturing only the front and rear views of your car, the DR970X will likely work best for you. The BlackVue DR970X models are available in a 1-CH configuration with only a front camera and a 2-CH configuration with front + rear and front + interior cameras. The 2CH front + interior camera system is best suited for taxi and ride-sharing vehicles as it gives you a glimpse of what’s happening inside the car.

The BlackVue DR770X Box, on the other hand, has a three-channel system - front, rear, and interior. If you own a commercial vehicle, the DR770X Box also has a Truck series with a waterproof external rear camera, derived from the DR750X-3CH Truck Plus. However, unlike this three-channel full HD dash cam, the new DR770X includes the Box.

Now, what’s the Box?

The front, rear, and interior cameras, which have been redesigned to be smaller than a standard front unit like the DR970X. These units are linked to the Box via coaxial video cable for the DR770X's camera system.

The Box functions as a recording unit that can be stored safely in the glove compartment. Safety is guaranteed, as the Box can be easily hidden, preventing a thief from gaining access to it while keeping your dash cam footage safe and private.

As a result, the DR770X Box advanced in terms of coverage and security. Its camera systems are also discreet since they are all the size of a rear camera, not mentioning the Box recorder itself that can be hidden in your car compartments.

Although the DR970X records in 4K, it is only available in 2-channel systems, which may be insufficient if you are driving a business vehicle or fleet. However, if you only use your car for personal purposes as well as your daily commute, the DR970X will likely do the job for you efficiently.

BlackVue DR970X vs. DR770X Box: Built-in Connectivity Features

Both the DR970X and the DR770X include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but it's not a tie in this round.

The DR970X has better connectivity features, such as dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, whereas the DR770X Box only has 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. The DR970X includes GPS + GLONASS tracking, while the DR770X does not and requires an external GPS.

With the DR970X, it’s all built-in, nothing extra is needed.

Except if you want to have instant Cloud connectivity, which leads to the next category.

BlackVue DR970X vs. DR770X Box: Cloud Features

We understand how critical the BlackVue Cloud can be in making every drive, recording, and streaming as easy and smart as possible. Once connected via BlackVue smartphone app or Viewer, you can enjoy unique features like Remote Live View, Instant Alert Push Notifications, Video Backup, Remote Video Playback, Real-Time GPS Tracking, Two-Way Voice Communication, and Live Event Upload which gives you control and real-time information wherever you are in real time.

That is why LTE dash cam connectivity would be extremely beneficial.

Fortunately, the DR970X-1CH and 2CH dash cams, as well as the DR770X Box, can be connected to the optional CM100G-LTE module for instant 4G connectivity. This is, again, a separate BlackVue accessory that can be purchased.

But here’s something you shouldn’t miss about the DR970X.

If you're into the 4K video quality of the BlackVue DR970X, but don't want the hassle of adding an external CM100G-LTE module, BlackVue is coming out with another BlackVue model called the BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE where the LTE module is built-in to the device! All you’ll have to do is insert a SIM card directly into the LTE model.

BlackVue DR970X vs. DR770X Box: Parking Modes

24/7 Parking Mode security? We nearly have a tie here.

Through the hardwiring kit and installation, the BlackVue DR970X and the BlackVue DR770X Box, like the rest of the BlackVue models, adds an extra layer of security with Intelligent Parking Mode, Impact and Motion Detection, and Time Lapse Recording.

The only main difference here would be that the DR970X would be recording better parking footage during the night, for capturing those key details, and more cameras with the DR770X Box equals more power draw, and a bit shorter parking mode. Still, the third channel of coverage can come in handy for parking coverage too, especially with an IR lens, depending on your situation.

They also include built-in voltage monitoring, which allows them to be hardwired to your vehicle's fuse box while protecting the battery from depletion. If you want to extend the duration of your parking mode, we recommend the BlackVue B130X Ultra Magic Battery Pack or the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 Battery Pack.

BlackVue DR970X vs. DR770X Box: Additional New Features

Apart from the new image processor, the proximity sensor on the DR970X is the next major improvement.

Older models have proximity sensors that automatically detect the presence of nearby objects passing by the dash cam, which can be sometimes triggered inaccurately due to sensitivity. Take the hanging air fresheners or light rays that enter your car as an example.  

In the past, the proximity sensor was used for turning audio recording on/off, and now it’s been updated to be used for manual recording instead.

Now, BlackVue equipped the DR970X with a new touch sensor. Say goodbye to unintentional manual recording triggers because of dangling air fresheners or rays of lights coming into your car. No need for a hard tap, a light one will do the trick!

On the other hand, the DR770X Box includes a coin battery-powered, remote Bluetooth button that can be used to manually trigger Event recordings, bookmarking important files.

Verdict: Which one should I get? The BlackVue DR970X or the BlackVue DR770X Box?

BlackVue is what we consider the most premium and highly-rated dash cam brand in the market to date. Therefore, we guarantee that both the DR970X and the DR770X Box are perfect options if you want a high-performance dash cam.

Overall, we think that the need for this will depend on the purpose and demand of the driver. The DR970X is a two-channel dash cam that can record 4K, while the DR770X box is a triple-channel dash cam that records full HD.

If you require excellent footage and video resolution, the BlackVue DR970X is a clearer answer - thanks to 8MP Sony STARVIS and a new image processor. But if your purpose of getting a dash cam is to cover more angles, especially if you’re installing it in ride-sharing vehicles, or are looking for a more secure system, the DR770X Box is what we suggest.

If you decide to go with the DR770X, do note that the DR770X Box set includes three separate cameras, a box, and another GPS module. And if you want instant Cloud connectivity and extended parking mode? You also have to add a CM100G-LTE module and a dedicated battery pack.

On the other hand, the DR970X has more advanced connectivity features, such as dual band Wi-Fi and built-in GPS. The DR970X-2CH also has an LTE-enabled variant, the DR970X-2CH LTE. This means you no longer need the CM100G-LTE - which is a cost-efficient and convenient solution from BlackVue. 

BlackVue DR970X or DR770X Box? We got them both for you!

Do you still need help deciding which one to get? Send us a message to speak with one of our product experts today! And if you're already decided on which of the DR970X and DR770X Box to get, you can order yours at BlackBoxMyCar!