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3 Ways to View Dash Cam Footage

Imagine this: you're having a great time driving on the road until… an accident happens right in front of you. Sure, you've recorded the entire incident on your dash cam, but you need to make sure the video goes to the right place, accessible, whether for insurance claims, social media sharing, or personal reference.

There are different ways to retrieve these videos, and in this article, we will go over the different methods for streaming your dash cam footage, ensuring that you're ready for the unexpected on the road.

1. Replay Footage on the Dash Cam Display

When the unexpected occurs, the last thing you want is to fumble with complicated settings, right? One of the simplest ways to review your dash cam footage is by replaying it directly on the device's display. Dash cams with built-in displays allow you to access and replay footage right at the scene quickly.

How to view Dash Cam Footage on the Display Screen

Dash cams with display screens like the VIOFO A119 Mini 2, or the VIOFO A129 Plus come with a dedicated playback option in their menu. To view footage, simply scroll through the list of recorded videos and select the one you want to review.

Moreover, you can use the date and time stamps to help you locate the specific footage. Just press the play or view button to start watching the selected video. Once you find the video you need, you can frequently lock the video, ensuring it’s stored safely for when you want to view it on another device.

Unlike other methods that might require connecting to a computer or smartphone, with this one you only need your cam. With this, you can swiftly confirm the sequence of events and details of an accident, particularly helpful in disputes or when providing immediate assistance.

2. How to Retrieve Dash Cam Footage on a Dedicated Mobile App

Many modern dash cams aren’t only reliant on a screen. Instead, they have built-in wifi that your phone can connect to, allowing you to download and share footage easily.

When retrieving footage from your mobile app, the first thing to do is to search and download your dash cam’s app from the app store.

Next, connect your smartphone to the camera’s wifi. Some cameras will have a wifi button that will need to be pressed to turn it on, some will leave the wifi always-on.

Once connected, you can now access your dash cam's video library through the app. Simply select the video you want to watch and use the app to stream the footage directly on your mobile phone. This streaming is seamless and quick, but you are also able to download video files to share with others through email or messaging apps easily.

Compared to viewing footage on the dash camera’s display, dash cam apps are designed to be intuitive, making it easy for anyone to navigate their features and retrieve specific video clips. Moreover, sharing footage with law enforcement, insurance companies, or friends and family is a breeze through this platform.

3. Retrieve Dash Cam Footage via Computer

In cases where you want to stream your footage on a larger screen, dash cam brands also provide you with an option with their dedicated PC/Mac Web Viewers. These softwares are available from the manufacturer’s website, and just like mobile apps, can be updated for optimal functionality as well.

To connect your SD card to a computer, use an SD card reader/adapter. These allow you to connect an SD card either to a standard USB slot, or a dedicated SD card adapter reader slot.

For those of you who have a BlackVue dash cam, BlackVue Viewer is free to download and use and supports all BlackVue dash cameras to date. It includes a launcher that gives you access to the SD Card Viewer and the Cloud Web Viewer.

Learn more about the BlackVue Web Viewer here.

Meanwhile, for Thinkware dash cams, the Thinkware PC / Mac Viewer is the solution. This is a specific software tool that allows you to watch videos, obtain information such as speed, location, time, and modify the settings on your dash cam. Here, you can also access the Cloud connectivity feature of this dash cam, Thinkware CONNECTED.

Learn more about the Thinkware PC / Mac Viewer here.

And if you have a VIOFO, a reliable PC / Mac viewer is the Dashcam Viewer software. While BlackVue and Thinkware Viewers are strictly compatible with their own dash cam models, Dashcam Viewer can be used to view footage for a wide variety of dash cam brands. Viofo cameras can also be plugged directly into the computer with a USB cable, sending the camera into SD card reader mode, which functions the same as connecting the SD card directly.

Learn more about the Dashcam Viewer here.

Know how to retrieve dash cam footage

In the heart of the moment, when an accident or extraordinary event happens, your dash cam becomes your witness. Retrieving dash cam footage is something drivers like you should know, as it serves beyond visuals – they provide impartial evidence in accidents, aids in legal disputes, protects against fraud, and assists in identifying perpetrators of road incidents – all for your safety and security.