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This is Why Driving Schools Are Still The Best For New Drivers

Driving schools and driver’s education courses are formal classes and programs that prepare new drivers in their quest to obtain a learner’s permit or driver’s license. Think of it as a right of passage for those seeking the freedom of the open road. While the possibility of getting a license or permit exists without taking a course, certain benefits come from taking one.

Driving in the United States versus driving in Canada can be similar. The main differences come in slight variances in the laws and provincial rules of the road that exist between the two countries. Two glaring examples of this are the measurement of speed (miles per hour/kilometers per hour), and no legal right turns on red in Canada.

The United States and Canada belong to the Driving School Association of the Americas (DSAA). The DSAA was formed in 1973 to promote educational standards and best practices for driving schools and education programs.

Advantages of Going to a Driving School

Even though parents can teach their children for free, there are some perks to going to the professionals for classes. Learning how to drive safely is an important skill to have. Taking driving lessons and professional courses can help new drivers stay safe behind the wheel.

Driving Classes Increase Confidence

Confidence is a mandatory character trait on the road. Every driver needs to have confidence on the roadway to deter them from using behaviors resulting in an accident. Professional training can help prepare drivers for the scenarios that they may encounter on the road. There is nothing worse than being a new driver on the road and running into an emergency without the confidence or any training on how to handle the situation.

An Investment That Saves Time

New drivers who take professional courses are on the fast track to preparing for the official driving test. This creates less anxiety and allows the driver to focus more on the skills they need to learn from the class. While they do cost money and time, taking a class is an investment that truly saves new drivers time and money overall.

Driving Classes Teach Defensive Driving (The Right Way)

There is nothing more frustrating than being on the road and getting into an accident – it can be even worse if you are a new driver. Professional driving school instructors can help these new drivers identify the situations and navigate through them unscathed. Learning the defensive driving techniques that make for good driving can also enhance awareness while on the road for safety and the law.

For instance, Vancouver's Valley Driving School offers a Defensive Driving Course that takes the student driver through different scenarios and real-world experiences to give driving students the knowledge, experience and foresight to adapt their driving behaviour in varying environments to drive safely and confidently.

If you have a new driver, you might feel more comfortable if you install a dash camera in their vehicle. There are benefits to installing a dash cam in your car, more than just keeping an eye on your newly licensed teen driver. Since new drivers have a higher likelihood of ending up in an accident, using a dash camera can help to keep your teen protected in case of an accident.

Better Driving Record and Lower Insurance Premiums

Learning how to drive from professionals can give new drivers the tools they need to make good choices on the road and, in turn, helps to maintain a clean driving record. With a clean driving record and professional driver’s training, some insurance companies are more likely to offer discounts to trained drivers. These discounts often include clean driving records free of accidents and moving violations.

Learning Techniques from Professionals

Learning from a professional can help to instill the right driving habits that a new driver needs on the road. Better driving habits help not only the new driver but the parents of the new driver. Professionals are professionals for a reason – they are trained to teach drivers and ensure safety skills are mastered on the road before allowing a new driver to take their test.

New and Teenage Drivers on the Road

New and teenage drivers are at a higher risk of accidents when they first get on the road alone. They become easy targets because they lack the road experience of other drivers. Since this can be the case, it is beneficial for the parents and car owners to install a dash cam to keep an eye on the driver and the drivers on the roadway with their loved ones.

Teen Drivers in the United States

Each state has its own guidelines when it comes to teen drivers on the roadways. It is imperative for a new teen driver on the road in the US to learn the specifics of their state laws. Professional driving instructors are well versed in the laws in their respective states.

One of the largest threats to teen drivers on the road today is the distractions that happen behind the wheel. When we say distractions, we mean cell phones and texting (even scrolling social media). By using dash cams, parents can ensure that their teens are safe behind the wheel and on the roads. In an accident, other drivers are quick to blame a teenage driver and the likelihood of distracted driving. For this reason, having proof of innocence can help stop your insurance premium from rising after an accident.

Teen Drivers in Canada

Canada’s driving classes make a point to teach their students the dangers of distracted driving on the road. Young Drivers of Canada has even developed a Collisionfree! TM approach that is designed to reduce and react to the dangers that are associated with distracted driving through a three-part educational program.

The Young Drivers Approach is one way that Canada can help prepare new teen drivers for the roadways. Similarly, Valley Driving School has an Accident Prevention Course that not only focuses on road safety but also basic vehicle maintenance - aka. vehicle safety.

Much like their US counterparts, Canadian teens and their parents can benefit from the installation of a dash camera, too. Car accidents know no borders. There is an unnecessary bias against teenage drivers in both countries.

Driving Schools and Dash Cams Make for Better Drivers

Driving schools in the US and Canada are a great approach for parents who want to have their teen drivers formally educated on the etiquette of the road. The same applies to those who might be new to driving but aren’t necessarily teenagers. Having professional training can help create more confidence on the roadway, lower insurance premiums, and make drivers who can adapt to defensive driving situations easier.

To better protect the ones we love while they are behind the wheel, a dash cam from BlackboxMyCar can make for safer driving conditions. Whether you want to “spy” on your teen, or you want to be able to prove that your teen is responsible on the road, there is a dash cam that fits your needs (and your budget).

If you want to help your new driver get the most out of their experience on the road, look to the driving schools in the US or Canada that can provide them with the education they need. Road safety is something that you cannot be relaxed about. Keep your family safe and secure through education and an affordable dash cam.

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