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Truck Topples onto Maple Ridge Man's Vehicle in Terrifying Dash Cam Footage

Truck Topples onto Maple Ridge Man's Vehicle in Terrifying Dash Cam Footage

Jim Ross, a B.C. resident of Maple Ridge, experienced a life-threatening incident while driving his SUV on March 27. Heading eastbound on 132 Avenue near Fern Crescent, Ross encountered a westbound dump truck with its box raised, which caught overhead wires. The wires flipped the truck, nearly crushing Ross’s vehicle.

Ross's dash cam, a Thinkware F200 Pro, recorded the dramatic event. The dump truck flipped "windshield to windshield" with Ross’s SUV, stopping just two feet short of crushing his roof. Despite the peril of live wires, Ross and the truck driver emerged unharmed, although Ross initially feared being electrocuted or crushed.

The Aftermath

Ross’s quick thinking and attention to the road likely saved his life. After the incident, he highlighted the importance of road awareness and the new regulation effective June 1, requiring all dump-style vehicles with high boxes to have in-cab warning devices. Ross chose not to disclose the trucking company's name, focusing instead on the lesson learned from the near-disaster. Ross recounts the experience of the situation, and how afraid he was for his life, stating: “First I thought I was going to get crushed, second I thought I was going to get electrocuted, third I thought if there was a fire….well, this is how it ends”. Truly a harrowing near-death experience.

The Ministry of Transportation's Commercial Vehicle and Safety Enforcement branch stated it was not informed of the incident, and no tickets were issued. Ross hopes his story serves as a reminder of how quickly accidents can occur and the importance of constant vigilance while driving.

The dramatic footage Ross shared with Global News underscores the value of having a dash cam. These devices provide crucial evidence in the event of an accident, helping to clarify what happened and who is at fault. In this case, the Thinkware F200 Pro dash cam not only captured the near-miss but also provided a visual record that could have been vital for insurance and legal purposes.

The Importance of Dash Cams

Dash cams have become an essential tool for drivers, providing a reliable witness in the event of accidents, road rage incidents, and other unexpected occurrences. They offer peace of mind by ensuring that there is always a record of what happens on the road. High-quality dash cams like the Thinkware F200 Pro capture clear footage day and night, making them invaluable for insurance claims and legal protection. Without a Dash Cam, it’s doubtful anyone would believe Jim’s wild depiction of what happened.

In the event of a collision, dash cam footage can be used to establish the sequence of events, identify at-fault parties, and provide irrefutable evidence to support your case. This can be particularly crucial in hit-and-run situations or when dealing with uninsured drivers. Furthermore, dash cams can also capture and document other incidents, such as near-misses, road conditions, and unexpected hazards, providing a comprehensive overview of your driving environment.

The camera used here, the Thinkware F200 Pro, has been an industry staple from Thinkware for many years, proving to be an ever-reliable co-pilot. Thinkware has even improved things further with the recent release of the Thinkware Q200, the successor to the F200. The Thinkware Q200 ups the bar even further, with 2K resolution, Bluetooth connectivity, and advanced features, all in the same compact body and budget-friendly price tag.

Thinkware Q200 2-CH 2K QHD

2K QHD Clarity and Dual-Channel Coverage | Seamless Connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Discover the compact powerhouse: the Thinkware Q200. The Q200 sets a new standard for discreet, unobtrusive dash cams. Despite its small stature, this 2-channel dash cam doesn't compromise on features, offering 2K QHD recording, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for effortless pairing, advanced parking modes, and comprehensive safety alerts to ensure your peace of mind while driving.

Whether you're navigating the daily commute or embarking on a road trip, the Thinkware Q200 provides the reliability, advanced protection, and convenience you need, all in one sleek, compact package.

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