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Submit Your Dash Cam Footage To Win Prizes -  - BlackboxMyCar Canada

Submit Your Dash Cam Footage To Win Prizes

For many of us, summertime usually means vacations and summer road trips. But with more drivers out on the road, more hours in the day, more traffic, more bikes, more pedestrian, more construction, more heat, and more distractions...the more likelihood of collisions and other incidents to be captured.

Capture an interesting event on your dash cam? Share it with the rest of the BlackboxMyCar community.

Anything from the ordinary to the extraordinary: accident, road rage, wildlife, or even a scenic weekend drive, track day, and more. Upload your original video here, and if your video was chosen to be featured on our social media channels, you could earn a $20 BlackboxMyCar Gift Card to use towards any purchase in our store, anytime!

Get Featured & Receive a $20 Gift Card

Alternatively, you can submit your footage to

Why share your footage?

Your video can provide valuable data to those organizations studying traffic accidents and traffic safety, and the ways to reduce the number of accidents and injures.

Do I have to edit my footage before uploading?

Raw video files are preferred, but if you need to edit your video due to a conversation or other sensitive material, feel free to do so. If there is any music in the background, we will most likely mute it to avoid any copyright issues. We can even blur faces or license plate numbers in order to anonymize anyone or any vehicle plate number in the video, at your request. Just leave a note in the "What Dash Cam Did You Use" section.

How would I know my footage was chosen to be shared on social media?

The chosen footage will be featured and shared on the official BlackboxMyCar Instagram page. If you are also on Instagram, we strongly encourage you to provide your Instagram name in the form, that way we can reach out to you via Instagram to send you your $20 BlackboxMyCar giftcard.

If no Instagram name was provided on the form, we will reach out to you via the email address provided.

My file is too big. What is the best way to send it in?

Cloud file sharing services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Mega are recommended for sharing raw files. If the video is fairly short, you might also be able to attach it in an email.

Can I share a footage that I saw on social media?

By submitting a video, you are giving us the rights and permission to share the video on our channel as well as other platforms (e.g., Instagram, Facebook). You are also asserting that you are the rightful owner of the content - videos stolen from other content creators will not be eligible for prizes.

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