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How to Install the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display

How to Install the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display

Have you bought a BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display from us recently? Are you planning to get one for your vehicle soon? You might be wondering – how do I install this device? Where should I mount it? Will it work even without the rear backup camera?

All these questions are valid, and in this blog, we will be happy to answer them for you! If you need help installing and mounting the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive, check out this step-by-step guide:

How to Install the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display

The BlackboxMyCar S-Drive is a 10-inch high-definition display that can be installed in your vehicle – whatever model it is. It has a touch screen for listening to music, watching movies, and using navigation apps.

In terms of powering up the unit, the S-Drive display comes with a USB-C Cigarette Lighter Power Cable. It also comes with a Monitor Base and an adhesive Mount for attaching the ten-inch monitor directly to your dashboard. This mount can be rotated 90 degrees for ideal placement. Here’s how you can install the S-Drive Display:

    1. Mount the BlackboxMyCar 10" CarPlay & Android Auto Display in your vehicle. It will normally sit in the centre of your dashboard, with the included adhesives.
    2. Next, turn off the vehicle and find the 12V power port (cigarette lighter socket) in your car. Once found, Insert the 12V car charger of the S-Drive Display into the power port.
    3. Connect the 12V car charger to the Carplay Display. Once connected, you may start the vehicle's ignition, and the display should power up. You should see the BlackboxMyCar logo.
    4. Next, follow the on-screen instructions for setup. You can set up CarPlay or Android Auto with your connected smartphone.

How to Install the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display’s Rear Back-Up Camera

Yes, the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display works even without the rear backup camera. However, similar to how we want its full HD dash cam to protect you, we also recommend having the rear backup camera installed for another layer of security, along with helping you park. Here’s how you can install the rear camera:

    1. The first step is to choose a suitable location for the rear camera on the rear bumper or license plate area. Based on our experience, mounting to the top of the interior of the rear windshield is possible with adhesive, but the viewing angle will make using it for reversing challenging, only usable as a dash cam. For mounting as a dash cam, check out our rear camera installation guide here.
    2. Next, securely mount the camera in the chosen location. The adhesives can be used if in a dry location, otherwise, bolting is recommended. After that, Route the camera's wiring through the vehicle's interior to the front display. Plug the rear connecting cable into the front unit, run the cable along the headliner, and straight across the length of the vehicle – past the A, B, and C pillars. We recommend using the Trim Tool to tuck in the wires and keep them hidden.
    3. Connect the rear camera's power wire (short red wire found near the rear camera) to the reverse light wire for automatic activation in reverse.
    4. Next, connect the camera's video cable to the front display monitor.
    5. Ground the black wire to the vehicle's frame.
    6. Next, test the system to ensure it functions correctly. The Rear camera view should appear on the front Display moments after the vehicle enters reverse.
    7. Lastly, the Reverse lines shown on the Display when reversing can be set to reflect your environment better and help guide you when reversing. Simply hold and drag on the far ends of the lines to adjust them as needed.

Shop the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display Now

The BlackboxMyCar S-Drive 10" Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Display is our newest solution for on-the-road convenience, specially designed for those who are looking for the ease of having wireless mobile connectivity, full entertainment with a wide range of apps, and dash cam protection, all pre-setup in one device.

For as low as $199.99 CAD, you can have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, music and movie streaming, mobile connections, and a dash cam – plus a backup camera as well. Can you imagine how big your savings can be?

BlackboxMyCar SmartDrive 10" Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Display w/ Dash Cam

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