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Get the Smoothest Full HD, plus Cloud Connectivity with the all-new BlackVue DR770X! - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

Get the Smoothest Full HD, plus Cloud Connectivity with the all-new BlackVue DR770X!

When it comes to premium full HD dash cams, we are confident to say that the BlackVue DR750X Plus is an industry’s best. Although it does not deliver 4K UHD video resolution like the DR900X Plus, its built-in features are more than enough if your priority is security and flexibility, as evidenced by its single-channel, dual-channel, and triple-channel availability. A dash cam for your daily commute or fleet? BlackVue has it.

And BlackVue is constantly innovating. While many customers are already pleased with what this dash cam has to offer, the South Korean dash cam manufacturer is still driven to level up their customers' experience, which is why they're launching a new dash cam series this 2023, including the all-new BlackVue DR770X.

What is the BlackVue DR770X?

The BlackVue DR770X is an upgraded version of the DR750X Plus. Similar to the DR750X Plus, the all-new DR770X also offers multiple configurations - the DR770X-1CH, the DR770X-2CH, the DR770X-2CH LTE, which is similar to the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus.

Now, you may be wondering if the DR770X has an upgraded triple-channel version, similar to the DR750X-3CH Plus, which is one of our best-selling products for fleet, ride-sharing, and RVs. Yes, the new DR770X has a three-channel dash model, but the system is built differently and more securely, thanks to the all-new DR770X Box.

Upgrading to a BlackVue DR770X

What are the Upgrades on the BlackVue DR770X?

Improved Image Processor

Full HD at its finest. With its 2.1 MP Sony STARVIS sensors, the front camera on both the BlackVue DR770X single and dual channel systems can capture 1080p Full HD @ 60 frames per second at a 139° view angle. With twice the frame rate, the DR770X captures smoother videos even at high speeds, significantly reducing motion blur in your footage. This means you'll be able to capture fine details like license plates even if the car is speeding away.

Moreover, the DR770X-2CH system's rear camera employs the same Sony STARVIS image sensor as the DR770X, but it delivers full HD at 30 frames per second. Despite the fact that the image sensors for the DR750X Plus and the DR770X are identical, BlackVue equipped the new DR770X with a SigmaStar CPU and ISP software tuning to improve video quality, specifically dynamic range, balance, and contrast.

While the new DR770X only has a 1080p Full HD resolution as opposed to the new DR970X's 4K UHD, it does come with multiple recording options to improve video recording quality. The BlackVue DR770X has an "Extreme" recording mode that increases the bit rate of the front camera to 25Mbps, significantly improving video quality by sharpening details and reducing video noise.

New touch sensor

The proximity sensors are another enhancement on the new DR770X. Proximity sensors are the part of your dash cam which can detect the presence of nearby objects without making physical contact, which can be triggered by hanging air fresheners or light rays that enter your car unintentionally due to sensitivity.

Now, the manual event recording trigger is changing from a proximity motion sensor to a new touch button, providing more accurate detection and simplifying confirmation of event recording triggers.

Intelligent Parking Mode

Another feature that we like about the DR770X is its Parking Mode. The DR770X, like the DR750X Plus, can record when the vehicle is parked and turned off. Its unique Intelligent Parking Mode is ideal if you're concerned about hit-and-runs, theft, or vandalism while your vehicle is parked and left unattended.

Buffered Recording with Motion and Impact Detection, as well as Time Lapse Recording, are supported by the DR770X. Video buffering ensures that your camera records the seconds preceding the event, giving you the complete picture for stronger evidence.

The DR770X is also equipped with built-in voltage monitor to protect your vehicle battery, but if you want to extend your Parking Mode recordings, you can also get a dedicated battery pack for the DR770X, such as the BlackVue B130X Ultra Magic Battery Pack or the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8.

Built-in Connectivity

With its built-in GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, we can say that the all-new DR770X is a fully-functional Full HD 1080p dash cam. However, you can still get more from it when you connect to one of BlackVue’s best features - the BlackVue Cloud.

Compatible with the DR770X, the BlackVue Cloud is a free software that allows BlackVue users to be in the know in just a few taps or clicks. Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, this software ensures your peace of mind with features like Instant Push Notifications, Remote Live View, GPS tracking, Cloud storage backup, Two-way communication, Live Event Upload, and more - keeping you connected and informed about what’s happening to your car, wherever you are.

3 Ways to Install the BlackVue DR770X Series

Experience the finest of Full HD with the BlackVue DR770X!

Looking for the best full HD dash cam to date? Search no further as the BlackVue DR770X is coming for you this Spring.

The BlackVue DR770X stands out from the full HD dash cam crowd. It’s a perfect choice for your daily drive or for fleet, with cutting-edge BlackVue Cloud connectivity, back-illuminated Sony STARVIS image sensors for best image quality in any light, intelligent parking mode and multiple camera system options for stronger and more reliable eyewitnesses.

Keep an eye out for our latest updates and be the first to get your hands on this brand-new dash cam, rolling out soon here at BlackBoxMyCar!

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