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Flying Glass in Vancouver Rear-End Collision

Flying Glass in Vancouver Rear-End Collision

It was an average, sunny day as the driver of this 2009 Honda Accord was driving home from work, taking the exit off the highway. Making their way up the turning lane to merge, they noticed the yield sign and twister their head to look at the oncoming traffic, noticing an upcoming Tesla blazing past in front of them. Making the split-second decision, they braked, abiding by the yield sign, as the Nissan behind them, inattentive, didn’t notice, slamming dramatically into the bumper.

As the Nissan collides with the bumper of the Accord, the taillight splinters into pieces, scattering across the ground. Both cars sit at a standstill until the Honda driver takes the initiative, getting out to talk to the Nissan driver and instructing them where to park.

In retrospect, the Accord driver felt a lot of anxiety over the situation, concerned over how the situation would play out in the eyes of insurance, and if their rates would climb even more. Thankfully, after posting the clip to Reddit, the community at large had their 2 cents to say on the matter, siding with the Honda driver in messages such as “If you had not stopped, you would have cut off or hit the white car. Good call!

 The driver had this to say about the incident:

“Without a Dash Cam, I would have had many sleepless nights worried I’d be held responsible for something that wasn’t my fault. I’m so glad to be able to express my point of view and perspective to others, with undeniable proof of what happened.”


After filing with ICBC and sending them all available evidence, the Honda driver was determined not-at-fault in a few short hours. A breath of fresh air. Upon examination from a mechanic, the driver-side rear light itself most certainly had to be replaced, but the rear bumper had also been cracked, requiring full replacement. These replacements totalled over $3,000 worth of repairs, and having the dash cam footage to prove that they were not at fault was a godsend, incurring 0 liability, and not a penny spent on repairing the damages, replacing the entire rear bumper, and driver-side headlight.

The Dash Cam used in this scenario was a reliable IROAD X11, which is similar to Thinkware cameras. Thinkware cameras strive to be ever-reliable and vigilant witnesses that will last for many years to come.

Choose your camera wisely, and above all, stay protected out there.

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