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Double trouble in shocking Surrey Dash Cam Footage

Double trouble in shocking Surrey Dash Cam Footage

An Audacious Audi

What started out as a normal drive home from the movies with his 8-year-old, this father was in for quite the shocking situation, times two. While cruising through Surrey, British Columbia, a white Audi suddenly makes a brash, last-minute left turn right in front of him. The sudden maneuver left Martin barely enough time to react, resulting in a scratch on his front bumper from the rear bumper of the Audi, truly inches away from disaster. However, thanks to his BlackVue DR900S dash cam, which captures crystal-clear 4K footage, the driver was able to catch the license plate of the reckless Audi.

A simultaneously stunned SUV

As the Audi sped off, the chaos it caused didn’t stop there. At the same time, a minivan in the yield-turning lane was rear-ended, potentially because the driver was distracted by the Audi’s reckless driving and gawked back at how close it was. Pulling over, the driver assisted with the aftermath of the rear end, supplying their perspective, and footage. The footage from the BlackVue DR900S was instrumental not just for his claim but also for the minivan driver, who was extremely grateful for the clear evidence of the incident.

The Aftermath

This experience highlights the invaluable role of a high-quality dash cam in ensuring accountability and providing peace of mind. Without this evidence, the driver would have been stuck paying his deductible. Thanks to the reliable capture from his dash cam, his daughter was blissfully unaware of the danger. This incident is a powerful reminder of the importance of having a dependable dash cam like the BlackVue DR900S to protect against unexpected events on the road.

Of course, the 4K footage of this reliable dash cam perfectly captured the Audi's license plate while simultaneously capturing the rear-end incident, all at highway speeds. BlackVue is an industry staple, known as a reliable brand with advanced features and discrete models. Since the release of the DR900S, BlackVue has been unrelenting in its innovation, with the DR970X Plus being their latest version, improving resolution even further.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH Plus 4K UHD Cloud Dash Cam

4K UHD Resolution | Sony STARVIS 2 | Advanced Parking Modes | BlackVue Cloud Connectivity

Fresh from the oven, the upgraded BlackVue DR970X-2CH Plus now boasts an 8MP Sony STARVIS 2 IMX 678 image sensor for its front camera, improved by an upgraded SigmaStar CPU and Image Processing Software. With three times quicker shutter speed, the DR970X Plus delivers sharper footage, even on busy roads and highways.

Be it configuring the different audio notifications, connecting seamlessly through Bluetooth, or remote notifications through the cloud, BlackVue has you covered. With an optional CM100LTE connectivity module add-on, which you can insert a SIM card directly into, providing an internet connection for the camera whenever it’s operational. Simply connect the CM100LTE to your BlackVue dash cam to provide an always-on 4G LTE connection to the BlackVue Cloud and its suite of unique live features.

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