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Cheers to 8 Happy Years - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

Cheers to 8 Happy Years

May is a special month for us - it is our anniversary month and this year, we are celebrating 8 years of outstanding road safety!

Cheers to road safety and the safety of all our loved ones!

Cheers to Healthcare and Frontline Heroes

Healthcare workers, transit drivers, food delivery, grocery store staff, sanitation workers, and letter carriers are among those being hailed as heroes for continuing to provide essential services amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication and hard work and that is why we are dedicating our 8th Year Anniversary to them.

One of these may have your name on it

We have partnered with Thinkware North America to send 50 dash cams (complete with a genuine Thinkware microSD card and hardwiring kit) to 50 healthcare and frontline heroes across Canada and the US.

Our Frontline Hero $10K Giveaway, a combined value of $10,000 - our biggest dash cam giveaway to date.

If you are a healthcare or frontline essential worker, this giveaway is for you! Or, say thanks to your frontline hero by winning them a free dash cam!

✅Follow @blackboxmycar, @jjh939 and @thinkwareNorthAmerica
✅Submit your story & entry on our website at⠀
✅Tag your friends, and use the hashtag #MyCarLife to share the excitement!⠀

This giveaway ends on May 15th, and we will be announcing our winners between May 15 to June 1.

Cheers to Huge Savings on Dash Cams

There is no better time to save on dash cams than now with our Spring Clearance Event and for the month of May, save up to $100 on Thinkware, $60 on Blackvue and $50 off VIOFO. The latest IROAD X10 4K UHD and the IROAD OBD X-Scanner are also due for a landing this week!

Cheers to Moms

Being a mom is a full-time job and while most of us wouldn’t have it any other way, a little “me time” would be nice every once in a while.

Noticed how none of these moms dream about how they would take the car out and drive? Unfortunately, children prefer moms over dads when it comes to driving, which means moms are spending too much time behind the wheel.

This Mother's Day, send Mom a dash cam and help her re-discover her love for driving

Already huge savings on BlackVue, Thinkware and VIOFO and now, take an extra 5% OFF with code: THANKSMOM5

Remember, you’re part of the reason she’s behind the wheel 24/7.

Cheers to beautiful drives

Congratulations, Andrea! That’s a beautiful sunset!

Love your drive? Show us what you got! Submit your favorite dash cam footage to win $150 towards your dream dash cam (or a $50 Amazon gift card). You can send your entries by email to titled "Monthly Dash Cam Contest".

Cheers to Mondays with #MondayTips

Since April 20, we’ve been sharing dash cam tips on Instagram, and so far, we’ve already shared three tips. Got questions, comments or feedback? Send them to us, like this comment on our April 21 Monday Tip:

Comment: “this doesn’t work on tinted front windshields

In case you're wondering why not:

A CPL filter, which stands for circular polarizer/liner - is a glass attachment that can reduce the glare from reflected surfaces, such as the windshield. The CPL filter has the ability to reduce unwanted light streaks that blur the camera’s view.

But what happens when you have both a CPL filter and tinted front windshield? You may see crazy rainbow patterns on your footage. And no, you’re not going crazy, nor is your window tinting job bad, nor does it mean your dash cam is defective. The scientific term for this effect is birefringence and it simply means, your tinted windshield and your dash cam’s CPL filter are double-polarizing the light. The Revant blog has a great article that explains the phenomenon.

Our advice:

  1. Got tinted front windshields? You may want to consider taking off the CPL filter, if you're using one on your front-facing dash cam.
  2. Don’t have tinted front windshields but still getting crazy rainbow patterns? You may want to check if you’ve accidentally left the plastic film on the CPL filter.

Follow us on Instagram for more #MondayTips! And if you've got some dash cam tips you want to share, be sure to let us know!

Cheers to learning everything dash cam

This month, our dash cam experts will also be sharing more tips and insights, including topics like:

  • Our CEO will tell you which model is the best parking mode dash cam for the Tesla Model 3 and will show you how to install one with an external battery pack.
  • A No-Fuss Guide to Dash Cams (this one’s for you, Mom!)
  • How to pick the best dash cam for your food truck
  • The best dash cam for your unplugged road trip

Exciting reads coming ahead so be sure to follow us on our blog.

Cheers to an 8 awesome years

And cheers to many more to come! As always, if there is anything we can do for you, please reach out and let us know. We’re here on Live Chat, phone, and email to support you. Catching us outside of our new operation hours? Our FAQ Knowledge Base is now online to answer any questions you might have!

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