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BlackVue’s Best 4K UHD Dash Cam Just Got EVEN Better with the DR970X Dash Cam!

Yes, BlackVue’s best just got better. In the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, South Korean dash cam manufacturer BlackVue announced the launch of the all-new BlackVue DR970X - the successor of the BlackVue DR900X Plus.

What’s New on the BlackVue DR970X Series?

We all know that the DR900X Plus is already a pro in terms of the most important aspects of a dash cam. Video quality? 4K UHD. Connectivity? BlackVue Cloud. Security? Advanced Parking Mode and B130X Battery Pack. For some, it’s the best they could ever wish for, but BlackVue is just unstoppable.

What are the BlackVue DR970X Series Upgrades?

At first glance, you might think that the all-new DR970X is just the same as the DR900X Plus, especially with its identical design. But diving deeper, the improvements added on the new DR970X are more focused on the processors for better recording performance.

First is the Central Processing Unit or CPU. The BlackVue DR970X now uses a SigmaStar CPU. It also did some upgrades for the new Image Signal Processor which automatically adjusts white balance, dynamic range, and video contrast in bright light conditions.

Therefore, although it’s keeping the exact same sensor and lens of the DR900X Plus, the image quality has been highly improved, making the license plates and road signs more visible in both daylight and night.

The next major improvement is the proximity sensor, which has been upgraded to a touch sensor for manual recording. This upgrade is an advantage to avoid unintentional triggers to the dash cam such as dangling air fresheners or rays of lights coming in your car, simplifying the confirmation of event recording triggers.

BlackVue DR970X models: 1-CH and 2-CH Systems

The 4K-capable DR970X models are available in 1-CH which only has a front cam, and a 2-CH that offers front + rear and front + interior cameras. Obviously, the 2CH front + rear camera system works best for taxi and ride-sharing vehicles, and BlackVue also made an upgrade to it.

The interior-facing infrared auxiliary cameras have been redesigned with a new sensor and ultrawide 180-degree lens to capture a wider view of what’s happening inside the car. This wide field of view allows the driver-side and passenger-side windows to fit in the frame for overall better protection, including against abuse of power by law enforcement, a feature much requested by BlackVue’s customers in North America.

Installating the DR970X

Upgrading from the DR900X/DR750X Plus models

When will the all-new DR970X be available?

With the advanced features of the DR970X, you might be excited to get your hands on this feature-packed dash cam. BlackVue announced that the DR970X, together with the 4K and built-in LTE variant DR970X-2CH LTE, will be available in Spring 2023, so watch out for its official launch on BlackBoxMyCar soon!


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