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BlackboxMyCar | Helping Out In the Community - $10K Healthcare Heroes Giveaway - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

BlackboxMyCar | Helping Out In the Community - $10K Healthcare Heroes Giveaway

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges for everyone, especially those working on the frontlines. We have heard heartbreaking stories many of them had to face, from long gruesome shifts and the lack of personal protection equipment to the meticulous hygiene and self-isolation they have had to practice at home. We cannot thank them enough for everything they do to keep us safe and healthy during those tough times.

In April 2020, led by CEO Alex Jang, BlackboxMyCar partnered with Thinkware North America to host a $10,000 Dash Cam Giveaway to send 50 Thinkware F200 PRO dash cams to 50 healthcare and frontline heroes across Canada and the US.

Fifteen days, 436 submissions from 41 states and seven provinces across the US and Canada - the response we received was incredibly heartfelt. We received stories from doctors, nurses, drivers, cashiers, IT workers to warehouse workers, and their stories have inspired us to do a little more.

In addition to the 50 dash cam winners, we also sent unique discount codes to all healthcare and frontline personnel who reached out to us.

COVID-19 turned out to be a battle that lasted far longer than anyone would like, and no industry is unaffected. But as the saying goes, "We are all in this together."

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