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BBMC Donates BlackVue Cloud Dash Cams to Transit Museum Society - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

BBMC Donates BlackVue Cloud Dash Cams to Transit Museum Society

Established in 1986, Transit Museum Society of British Columbia has been committed to the restoration of decommissioned transit vehicles in Vancouver and surrounding areas. This Langley-based organization boasts a fleet of seventeen vehicles composed of railcars and buses, used by both public and private operating businesses.

To partner up with TMS, as our company also understands their goal to preserve and protect these vintage people-movers, while also strengthening the history and heritage of British Columbia’s transportation industry. Dash cams came to life because of these vehicles, and we appreciate how Transit Museum Society makes their move to preserve the classics.

Moreover, as our way of supporting the Transit Museum Society, we donated 3 BlackVue DR750X-2CH IR dash cams for their trucks.

Installing a dash cam in a bus is not easy! Check out the following video, detailing how they installed our cameras:

Through these devices, TMS’ vehicles will be protected whether they’re travelling, or just having their vehicles on display during public events. The Blackvue DR750X-2CH IR captures the road ahead in full HD, while also recording what’s happening inside the cabin through its secondary infrared interior camera – so not only does the road get watched, the driver and passengers do too!

And since the BlackVue dash cam is compatible with the Cloud, the Transit Museum Society will be able to track and monitor these trucks closely on their smartphones. Less hassle, more peace of mind.

BlackboxMyCar continues the quest to reach out to more communities, and protect vehicles and passengers through the help of dash cams. Our team would also like to thank the Transit Museum Society for letting us recognize and be part of the preservation of British Columbia’s rich transit history.

If you want to know more about the Transit Museum Society and support their upcoming programs and advocacies, visit their official website here.

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