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4 Reasons to Skip Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and AliExpress, and Do Your Dash Cam Shopping at BlackboxMyCar This Holiday - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

4 Reasons to Skip Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and AliExpress, and Do Your Dash Cam Shopping at BlackboxMyCar This Holiday

As the year’s biggest shopping days are just around the corner, it’s time to finalize your holiday shopping list and gear up to hit the biggest deals this year. According to a 2021 Consumer Trends Report, more consumers have come to rely on Amazon and for their most important holiday purchases. But do these online marketplaces offer the best deals for dash cams?

Maybe you’re a Prime member, you love rollbacks, or you are a fan of the Geek Squad. But this year, you need to skip the online marketplaces and shop at BlackboxMyCar - and here’s why.


Best Buy




Best Price Guarantee (Holiday Price Match)

Free Shipping

1-3 Days Delivery

Hassle-Free Returns

Extended Returns

In-House Product Experts

1. BlackboxMyCar will match any price from now through Jan 31, 2023

Bargain hunting and tracking prices is very time-consuming. This year, skip the repeated visits to see how prices are trending. The BlackboxMyCar Holiday Price Match Guarantee means you’re guaranteed the best Black Friday deals on your favorite VIOFO, Thinkware, BlackVue, FineVu, Nextbase, Nexar, Vantrue, and more. And if you find a better price elsewhere, bring it over, and we will match it!

In other words, if you’re vigilantly tracking the best deals in town, we’re game for it, too! Bring us their best offer, and we will match it.

2. Get it under your tree in as little as 1-3 days with BlackboxMyCar Rocket-Fast Shipping

Another important piece of the Holiday gifting puzzle is ensuring items are available and arrive in time for the holidays. We rounded up some of the shipping options on the major marketplaces, and here’s what we found:





Free Shipping Delivery ETA

1-3 Days

3 Days

up to 30 days

up to 30 days

Paid/Expedited Shipping ETA

1-3 Days

3 Days

2 weeks

2 weeks

Delivery estimates based on the purchase of a VIOFO A119 V3 dash cam, CPL filter and hardwiring kit at time of writing (Nov 16, 2022). Best Buy is not included in this chart as the VIOFO A119 V3 is not available on their website.

When you get your VIOFO dash cam depends on where it is shipping out from - AliExpress and VIOFO ship out from China, which means longer shipping times (even with paid expedited shipping), especially during the busy holiday months. And because it’s coming from outside the country, your purchase may incur additional customs and duties fees that you must pay before your dash cam can be released to you.

With BlackboxMyCar Rocket-Fast Shipping, you can get your dash cam gift in as little as 1-3 days anywhere in the US and Canada - and it’s free, too!

3. Bought the wrong gift? No need to panic - you have until Jan 31, 2023

Shop with confidence this holiday season - all purchases made between now through December 31 can be returned for a refund or exchange until January 31, 2023. Whether you’re buying a gift for yourself or someone else, if the gift wasn’t perfect, just bring it back.

How does BlackboxMyCar compare to the other retailers and marketplaces?

  • BestBuy - Jan 14, 2023
  • Amazon - Jan 31, 2023
  • AliExpress - 15 days
  • Walmart - Jan 25

4. Getting help is way easier at BlackboxMyCar

At BlackboxMyCar, we do not charge for advice and assistance - our in-house product expects love to share our knowledge and insider tips.

✅ No purchase necessary
✅ No monthly subscription
✅ No jumping through hoops and bouncing between reps
✅ Guaranteed assistance (no canned responses)
✅ No language barrier - we offer assistance in English, French, and Spanish

We want you to love your BlackboxMyCar shopping experience. But, even more so, we want you to love your new dash cam - that’s why we insist on giving you the best product advice and assistance before you buy anything, even if you decide it’s not the right time to buy - no pressure.

If, for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with your shopping experience, we will work with you until we get it right, whether it is to recommend a more suitable product or search for alternative payment options and shipping arrangements - that’s our 360° Customer Happiness Guarantee.

And whether you need installation and product tips or need help with your order, after-purchase support and service is available via email, phone and Live Chat.

BlackboxMyCar is your trusted partner this holiday season

Amazon, Best Buy, and other marketplaces are not the only online retailers offering discounts for your holiday needs. But before you turn to them for lightning deals and rollbacks, it’s a good idea to check out - especially if you are looking to shop with confidence at a time when life seems to have gotten unpredictable and expensive.

The perfect gift this holiday: VIOFO A119 V3

While we love Thinkware and BlackVue dash cams, we can’t deny that VIOFO dash cams make better holiday gifts - no other brand represent great value for money better than VIOFO. VIOFO is also the #1 recommended on Reddit and The Dashcam Talk for its video quality and user-friendliness. In other words, you can’t go wrong with a VIOFO dash cam if you’re looking for a gift to impress.

The hottest VIOFO dash cams to get this holiday is the VIOFO A119 V3 and the A229 Duo.

The VIOFO A119 V3 is VIOFO’s entry-level 2K QHD model. Three years after its release, the VIOFO A119 V3 is still one of the top-rated VIOFO models for its reliability, video quality, and value.

The VIOFO A229 Duo is VIOFO’s latest 2K+2K model. It is one of VIOFO’s best dual-channel systems, offering sharp video that outperforms other brands and models.

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