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2018 Audi RS3 Dash Cam Install (Thinkware F800 x Cellink B)

Audi RS3 Dash Cam Install

One of our customers brought us his brand new Audi RS3 to equip it with a dash cam system. For this vehicle we went with the Cellink B and the all new Thinkware F800. When fully charged, the Cellink can provide more than 22 hours of recording for the F800 front and rear setup. This camera offers the best video quality in a 2 channel parking mode dash cam at the moment. 

While we always recommended getting the Cellink battery for BMW's, recently we heard from a few Audi and Volkswagen customers that they've seen low battery warnings as well. Regardless of whether there is a warning, it's important to consider that a replacement battery for one of these vehicles can be upwards of $500 from the dealership (over $1000 in the case of lightweight lithium batteries), so the Cellink makes a lot of sense. Not only does it extend your recording time but it won't wear out your factory battery like a traditional hardwire kit either.

Many Audi vehicles like the A3 and A4 have a fuse box in the front next to the steering wheel and one in the trunk as well. For this install we used the trunk fuse box as it offered a great mounting position for the Cellink. Generally you can also use the front fuse box and place the battery under the driver's seat as long as there is enough clearance between the seat and floor. With this install we mounted the battery under the trunk floor so it's completely invisible to the driver and passengers. This cleaner install does require an extension to the spliced hardwire kit for the camera though.

Dash Cam Installation Walkaround Video

Check out the video below to see how the F800 and Cellink looks installed in the 2018 Audi RS3. If you're interested in getting an install at our Richmond BC location, contact us today!

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