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Smart Garage Parking Aid: Installation, Maintenance, and Cost - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

Smart Garage Parking Aid: Installation, Maintenance, and Cost

Safe and easy home garage parking can be a challenge for many vehicle owners - perhaps it's shrinking parking spaces, or perhaps cars are just getting bigger. Luckily there are several ways to fix the problems. Check out this article on smart garage parking solutions, written by our friend Barbara Kolinski.

Every person believes they're the best driver in the world. That pride and belief usually doesn't last for long and ends with a bang, literally. What's more, this crash often happens during the supposedly easiest driving activity there is - parking in your own garage.

That's why the next time you feel your pride forbids you from installing a parking aid, overcome it, and help yourself ensure you won't hit anything during parking ever again. Keep in mind that everything is going smart in our homes nowadays, so why should your garage be an exception?

If you think about making your parking space a little smarter, we've prepared a quick guide and list of park assist devices that will help you with that. All of them are easy to install and can be used in different lighting, garage door sizes, and any other factors that might influence your parking.

Things to Consider Before Buying Parking Aid

Before we get to the types of parking aid and the benefits of using it, let's talk more about the things you need to consider to make your purchase more efficient.

First of all, you need to determine your budget. Deciding how much you intend to spend on your garage improvements will significantly impact your final choices. Keep in mind that there are many products you can choose from, and the price plays a vital role in their effectiveness.

High-tech sensors, for example, will cost you more than low tech. They're also more reliable. A con? They're more challenging to install and require more excessive maintenance.

The next thing that will impact your choice is the size of your garage. If you have a parking space for two cars, you should consider getting a parking aid that comes in a multipack.

Benefits of Efficient Garage Parking Assist

As mentioned above, an effective home garage parking aid can significantly enhance your overall parking experience. But you're probably still wondering what the exact benefits are. After all, nobody likes to spend their money on something that won't help them.

The first benefit that comes with using parking aid devices is vehicle protection. Bear in mind that car insurance isn't cheap, and you'd probably like to avoid any additional costs on repairs. Sure, it's hard to damage your vehicle when parking it in your garage, but sometimes it's just one of these days.

But your car is not the only thing you need to protect when parking. Your garage is probably full of items you don't wish to park on and damage in the process. With reliable sensors, you'll significantly decrease the possibility of damaging your car or the space around it.

What's more, when you park your car more efficiently, you get the most out of your garage's space. That's a crucial factor, especially if you don't own a spacious garage.

Types of Parking Aid

Okay, you know what to consider before the purchase and why you should even think about getting yourself garage parking aids. Now let's get to the bottom of the article. As mentioned above, there are two types of parking aids - low and high tech.

But understanding that is not enough to ensure you get yourself the best garage parking aid. You also need to know what your options are.

Below, you’ll find a few examples.

Motion Sensing Laser Beam

The first item on the list is the laser beam parking system. It's a perfect solution if you have a two-car garage, but it works just fine for smaller garages too. Laser garage parking aid comes with motion sensors that ensure you always park your car perfectly.

To make it work, you need to install it on your garage's ceiling and calibrate it. The laser will warn you whether you're getting too close to the wall by pointing to the right parking spot for your vehicle.

The massive benefit of a laser sensor is that it works for various types of cars. What's more, it's very easy to install and doesn't require any special tech knowledge to calibrate it correctly. When it comes to price, it may vary depending on the provider, but you can find such parking aids even for $25.

Image source: Amazon

Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System

The ultrasonic parking aid system features a sensor and a signaling unit. Thanks to the ultrasonic sensors, the system knows when your car approaches the wall and displays the light corresponding to your current position.

For example, if you're getting too close to it, the lights will go red, warning you that you might crash into the wall (they usually come in three different colors). When shopping for an ultrasonic garage parking sensor system, you need to consider a few things:

  • The range of a sensor
  • Price-performance ratio
  • Installation

Keep in mind that the more advanced the sensor, the more challenging the installation. And when it comes to price, you can even find sensors that cost less than $20.

Image source: Amazon

Parking Mat

But as you already know, not all parking aids have to be high tech. Low tech items can be enough if a little assistance is all you require. One of the best products you can find when looking for garage support is a parking mat.

All you have to do is lay it at the right place on your garage floor. The mat comes with two bumps. The smaller one is up the front, giving you the general idea where you should stop. The second prevents your car from rolling out of your perfect parking spot.

As you probably suspect, the installation is straightforward. The price, on the other hand, may vary depending on the manufacturer. It shouldn't exceed $50, though.

Image source: Amazon

Smart Garage Door Opener

A smart garage door opening system may not improve the quality of your parking. But when it comes to speeding up the process, there's no better solution than that. What's more, if you wish to enhance your home's safety, getting an automatic smart garage door opener is a perfect start.

The special sensor connects with your smartphone or car via an app. Thanks to that, it knows when you're arriving or leaving, ensuring your garage doors will open at the right time.

The price of smart garage door openers may vary, but you can find an efficient device even at the expense of $25.

Image source: Amazon

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from when looking for the best garage parking aids. Many devices on the market can enhance your overall parking experience, both when it comes to garage space use and increased safety.

Keep in mind that using such devices every time you park isn't a sign of weakness. Even the best drivers in the world require some help from time to time. And when it comes to parking, it's sometimes much trickier than many people think.

A word from BlackboxMyCar

Thank you Barbara for the insightful article. Another great parking aid we can think of is the backup camera - they do come in handy whenever you need a third-eye when backing in and out of tight spaces. Looking for a reliable backup camera? We carry the Auto Vox Solar 1P Wireless Backup Camera. Be sure to check out our review video to see if it should be a part of your safety garage parking solution.

Check out what other product reviews by our fans, influencers and affiliates on the BlackboxMyCar Community page.

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