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5 Economical Ways to Boost Your Car’s Exterior - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

5 Economical Ways to Boost Your Car’s Exterior

They say you are what you drive, and we all love it when our cars are gorgeous inside and out. There are many car mods you can add to your car to boast the body and look - performance wheels, spoilers, etc., but they can be rather costly. If you are looking for upgrades that will improve your car's exterior without breaking the bank - you're in luck! Here to share a few simple upgrades you can do yourself is Tarek Salam from Auto Glass Pro.

Cars are a sense of pride and joy for most. This is why many car owners go out of their way to ensure their cars remain in top shape. But they do so at the cost of splurging on their car.

Let’s be honest, maintaining a car is not cheap. Even if you decide to wax, detail, and wash your car on your own. You spend hundreds of dollars on products. That is without mentioning the cost of replacing parts or getting scratches and dents fixed after minor accidents, but these are expenses one has to bear for its aesthetic appeal.

You don’t always have to spend an arm and leg to boost your vehicle's exterior. We have five economic ways you can achieve that.

Install new windshield wipers

You are probably wondering: How do windshield wipers affect the car’s exterior? Well, the quality of the wipers impacts your windshield. Old, worn-out wipers leave minor scratches on the windshield. Scratches eventually turn into cracks, badly damaging the outlook of your car.

Replacing windshield wipers is a cheap way to make sure your windshield stays in shape. Windshield repair costs will cost a lot more than replacing the wipers. So, if you notice your wipers not working well, don’t just wipe them with a microfibre cloth. Get them replaced before they damage your windshield.

Get rid of minor scratches

There are tons of products that promise to get rid of scratches, but which ones should you choose? Repair pens work well. But understand that they aren’t effective against all scratches. The pen only works on minor scratches. Those that have yet to penetrate through the protective coating of the paint. Once it goes through the coating, you won’t be able to get rid of it with the pen.

Scratches leave your car looking old and abused. Treat minor scratches with a repair pen as soon as you notice them. They are inexpensive, so you can store one in the car and use it when needed. It will surely boost the exterior of your vehicle, keeping it neat and clean.

Repair minor dents yourself

Fixing dents is a little more technical than using a repair pen. However, mechanics charge a lot. Which leads many car owners to opt to attempt to fix it on their own.

The following are two popular ways you can fix dents:

  • Hot glue and makeshift handles: You would think the glue ruins the paint, but it doesn't. You can use corks with screws in them as handles. Glue a few on to the area of the dent, the number of corks depends on how big the dent is. Let the glue dry a little, and then pull the corks slowly. All you have to do then is lightly scrape the glue off.
  • Suction cup: Find a strong suction cup in your house or buy one designed for car dents. The method is pretty simple and requires less effort compared to the hot glue and makeshift handles. Locate the dent and place the suction cup in the heart of it. Once it is securely on, pull the cup back. The dented part of the car should pop back into its original state.

Repairing dents can be a little tricky. Be gentle otherwise, the paint around the dent will crack. Once again, like with scratches, you should go to a mechanic for larger dents. You will only end up ruining the paint trying to fix it yourself.

Clean your headlights

A lot of car manufacturers make headlight covers using polycarbonate plastic. The material is readily available and cheap. It also becomes a nuisance for car owners because polycarbonate oxides easily. This leaves your headlights looking foggy and dull.

You don’t have to buy a specific product to deoxidize the headlights, toothpaste does the trick. Just clean the surface of the headlight with a microfiber cloth, leave the headlights slightly wet, and scrub toothpaste on it. Scrub it thoroughly until the headlights look as good as new. Then, apply a sealant to protect them.

You can also find products at your local auto shop formulated to clean headlights. Follow the instructions on the package for the best results.

Get the windows tinted

Tints can change the complete outlook of your car. They are one of the most popular customization options for vehicles. Tints don’t just change the look of your car but also block out UV rays. This protects the interior and you from the harmful impact of the rays.

You can find tints for cheap and even put them on yourself. They have do-it-yourself kits with instructions.

It takes effort, but it isn't impossible to maintain your vehicle's appeal. The exterior is the first thing people notice. Car owners that value and take pride in their cars do whatever it takes to preserve it.

Tips for safe driving

The best way to ensure your car keeps its aesthetic appeal is to drive safely. The following tips will help you do that:

  • Be alert at all times when behind the wheels. Don’t let your phone or anything in the car distract you.
  • Keep a safe distance from the car ahead of you.
  • Follow the speed limit. Don’t let your inner speed demon out.
  • Use modern technology like a dash camera and rear camera for parking and other assistance.

The 5 economical ways mentioned above ensures your car continues to shine. There are other ways, such as getting your car detailed to maintain it. We only left it out because it is well-known, and we wanted to cover ways that aren't as common.

A word from BlackboxMyCar

Thank you Tarek, for sharing so many valuable tips with us and our readers. Taking care of your car is more than just making sure there's gas in the tank or all fluids topped up. We all should take pride in the way our vehicles look and luckily many of these upgrades can be done in our own home garage. Looking for a good dash cam for your drive? Talk to us - we have a huge selection that caters to all needs and budgets.

Got tips you want to share with the BlackboxMyCar community? Sign up to become a Safety Scout!

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