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FineVu GX33 vs. Garmin 47 Dash Cam

Which Offers Better Value for Money?

Spending $150 to $200 on the best budget dash cam may not seem like a lot of money, especially when these portable cameras capture in Full HD and have advanced security features.

However, there is a wide range of dash cams available in this price range, including a few from popular brands such as FineVu and Garmin. When you search for affordable and budget friendly dash cams this 2022, two models that you may encounter are the 2022 FineVu GX33 and 2021 Garmin 47.

Find out which among them offers better value with its below-200-USD price tag.

Review: FineVu GX33 Front and Rear Full HD Camera

The FineVu GX33 is the most recent addition to the FineVu Full HD lineup, launched by the Korean manufacturer in February 2022. Unlike other entry-level dashcams on the market, the GX33 is only available in a two-channel configuration. You can disable the rear-facing camera if you only want to use the front-facing camera.

FineVu GX33 Image Quality and Recording Capabilities

The FineVu GX33 is equipped with a 2.1MP front-facing camera that captures 1080p Full HD video at 30FPS with a 132-degree wide-angle view. It is powered by an Allwinner V536 processor. The V536 is a high-performance processor from Allwinner that supports WDR, noise reduction, and other image enhancement algorithms.

Even though you won't get 4K UHD or 2K QHD, the FineVu GX33's performance is quite good for a Full HD camera. You get high-quality video that looks great on both smartphone and computer.

Does the GX33 Dash Cam have Night Vision?

In any lighting condition, the 2.1MP "/28" Sony Exmor R STARVIS image sensor captures stunning, full-color video. The FineVu GX33 also includes Auto Night Vision and HDR, which automatically adjust brightness and clarity.

What Safety and Security Tech does the FineVu GX33 Feature?

In contrast to other entry-level dashcams that do not allow you to change the recording frame rate for continuous driving recording mode, the FineVu GX33 includes a new feature called Smart Time Lapse recording, which is a recording mode in which the camera takes snapshots at regular intervals and replays them at normal speed.

With the FineVu Hardwiring Kit (or a dashcam battery pack such as the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8), the GX33 provides various parking surveillance options, including impact and motion detection, parking time-lapse mode, and Smart Time-Lapse.

The GX33 is also equipped with a Power Saving Parking Mode that encompasses FineVu's advanced power consumption technology to keep the GX33's power consumption at 0.15 W, which is less than 5% of the regular parking mode's 4.1 W power consumption, providing up to 30 days of standby runtime. 

It is also built with the AI Damage Detection 2.0 feature, which is a game-changing feature for added peace of mind. Using high-resolution machine vision cameras and sensors, the AI Damage Detection scans the entire vehicle body structure from various angles to generate a computational representation of the vehicle and its damage.

The GX33 also offers ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance System, that can detect front vehicle motion and provide lane departure warning alerts. Its Speed Camera alert function provides seven types of camera information in voice guidance: speed camera, red light camera, speed limit camera, and average speed alert. It also has a Driving Rest Guide which sends you notifications when you need to take a break from driving.

Taking budget-friendly entry-level to a whole new level, the GX33 is FineVu's most affordable screenless Wi-Fi model, including a 32GB microSD card, and a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Review: Garmin 47 Full HD Dash Cam

Garmin 47's Image Quality and Recording Capabilities

Garmin's series of compact and discreet dash cams have also been reviewed as good options if you're looking for budget-friendly dashcams. The year before the GX33 was released, the US GPS navigation giant released the Garmin 47 dash cam.

Considered as one of Garmin's best-selling drive recorders, the Garmin 47 is designed to fit in your pocket, conveniently recording videos without obstructing your windshield. To ensure that it doesn't block your view, power cable alternatives - upward or downward routing - are provided for a neat installation.

With a 140-degree lens, 1080p HD video, and Garmin ClarityTM HDR optics, this dash cam allows you to capture clear video of crucial information both during the day and at night. It is equipped with a 2" LCD screen to play back videos directly on the device.

What Safety Features does the Garmin 47 have?

With its G sensor, the camera immediately records footage whenever it detects an incident. You'll also have proper documentation of the time and place that events took place through Garmin's integrated GPS. Similar to the GX33, the 47 model also carries safety features such as Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warnings, Go Alerts, and Red Light Speed Cameras.

Does Garmin have a Mobile App for footage viewing?

By downloading the Garmin DriveTM app, footage can be safely kept in the online Vault. If you want to share it with others, you can send a link and passcode over an active Wi-Fi® connection. Moreover, you can also utilize the Travelapse feature to let your pals drive along with you. It creates a fun film that is simple to share by condensing hours of travel into a few minutes of highlights.

Does it also come with a Micro SD Card?

For a more convenient Garmin experience, you won't have to choose between running the dash camera and charging your phone while driving. You can do both because the included charger has an extra USB port. In addition, the Garmin 47 is also ready to use right out of the box and includes a 16GB microSD memory card.


Garmin 47

Resolution (F+R)

Full HD 1080p @ 30 FPS

Full HD 1080p @ 30 FPS

Image Sensor

Sony Exmor

Garmin ClarityTM HDR

Parking Mode






Wide-Angle View






Operating Temperature

-20° to 70°C

-20°C - 60°C

Loop Recording



Maximum SD Card



LCD Screen


2" LCD Screen










Special Features

Live View via FineVu app, AI Damage Detection 2.0, Power Saving Parking Mode, ADAS, Sony Starvis Sensors, Smart Time lapse, Two-Channel Front and Rear, 32 GB SD card included, Speed Camera, Driving Rest Guide

Lane Departure and Forward Collision Warnings, 2-inch LCD screen, Live View via Garmin App, Travelapse feature, 16GB SD card included

Country of Origin




3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Result: Which Offers Better Value for Money? FineVu GX33 or Garmin 47?

Users who prefer a basic-featured and low-cost dash camera have tried and tested the Garmin 47 and the FineVu GX33. These are decent cameras with a price tag of around $150 that could provide you with the footage you require for your car.

However, in terms of specifications and innovative features, the FineVu GX33 clearly wins. Because it's a two-channel dash cam, unlike the Garmin 47, it can also record traffic behind you. The GX33 was able to deliver state-of-the-art functionalities, including Smart Time Lapse, AI Damage Detection, and Power Saving Parking Mode, which are typically reserved for premium dashcams.

Furthermore, users of the Garmin 47 have expressed dissatisfaction with its mobile application. While the dash cam itself has a 2" LCD display, the mobile viewing feature cannot be used because most users complain that the app does not work. Compared to the GX33, the Garmin 47 also offers a free 16 GB sd card - quite smaller than the FineVu's 32 GB for free.

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