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BlackVue Cloud’s New Voice Call Function

Did you know that using a mobile gadget while driving a vehicle is six times more dangerous than drunk-driving? Yes, six times. A lot of us may be found guilty, but there are times when we really can’t help but grab our phone or tablet - especially when we have to take urgent calls.

While you can’t always control the calls you receive, technology has found a way for you to answer them, without losing your focus. And good news for drivers, they have already been developed in some of the dash cams we rely on, adding a layer of security in capturing what is happening real time in and out of our cars.

New BlackVue Dash Cam Feature: Built-In Voice Call Function

With BlackVue dash cameras, you can’t deny that they always value the convenience and safety of every dash cam user. Preventing the drivers to be distracted when taking calls, BlackVue launched a new feature on the BlackVue Cloud called Voice Call.

Elevating communication for personal use or transport business solutions, Voice Call is the dashcam brand’s new feature that takes the place of Two-Way Voice Communication. This function works on compatible BlackVue models, particularly with the X Plus series as of this 2022.

With the Voice Call function, you can initiate a conversation with the driver through the BlackVue dashcam installed in the vehicle from your BlackVue App or Viewer. If you want to talk to the driver, you don't have to risk grabbing their phones and losing focus in order for them to respond.

Similar to a walkie-talkie, the Two-Way Voice Communication allows you to send short voice messages a few seconds at a time. Voice Call, on the other hand, allows you to converse indefinitely, as in a phone conversation.

Now works with the BlackVue Dashcam Web Viewer

While the Two-Way Voice Communication functions on the BlackVue App, the Voice Call feature has added audio call support for BlackVue’s Web Viewer. This web-based system is developed to monitor and manage Fleet Tracking for businesses.

Using the Voice Call Function on BlackVue App

The Voice Call function can be accessed via BlackVue App, which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones.

To start a Voice Call using your phone, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the BlackVue App and click the Connect to Cloud Menu
  2. Tap your Dash Cam’s name
  3. Select the Live View tab
  4. Allow the use of your microphone to record audio
  5. Once the live view appears, tap the Voice Call icon on the upper right corner
  6. Once the icon turns blue, you can now start an actual phone conversation
  7. To end the call, re-tap the icon and exit from the screen

Android Compatibility

iOS Compatibility

For pre-iOS 15 device users, please note that you must first grant the app permission to access your phone's microphone. As soon as you access Live View, another pop-up will appear granting "" access to the microphone.

The best way to avoid this repeating pop-up is to update your device to iOS 15. If you are unable to update your iOS version and do not intend to use the Voice Call feature, we recommend that you select "Don't Allow" the first time you are prompted to grant permission to access the microphone. When you open Live View, the repeating pop-up will no longer appear.

You can also change the microphone permission anytime from the iOS Settings > BlackVue menu of your device.

Using Voice Call in the BlackVue Web Viewer

If you’re using a web-based device, here are the following steps to use the Voice Call function:

  1. Launch the BlackVue Web Viewer
  2. To activate this feature, the first thing you need to do is to click on your camera name.
  3. Next, click the Live View button and wait for the real time footage to show on your screen. Note that your web browser may ask for your permission to access your microphone. If it pops up, click OK.
  4. After that, click on the Voice Call button at the upper right corner of the screen.
  5. From there, you’ll be able to talk and have seamless conversations with the vehicle driver and passengers.
  6. When you're finished, tap the Voice Call icon again to disconnect or exit the screen.

For Web Viewer users, ensure that the microphone on the BlackVue dashcam is turned on. When turned off, you can still speak to the driver but will not receive a response. We recommend turning up the speaker volume on the dashcam for the best results.

Compatible on X Plus Models

As of this writing, the Voice Call function is available on the following dashcam models:

For models released before the X Plus series (e.g. X Series, S Series, etc.), the Two-way Communication is the equivalent function.

The BlackVue Voice Call feature improves the safety and convenience of drivers as well as transportation business managers. Aside from keeping your communication hands-free and secure, the newly developed system is also designed to be user-friendly, making the BlackVue experience even more worry-free.