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IROAD X9 First Impressions

The brand new IROAD X9 is now available for pre-order at BlackboxMyCar! We’re thrilled to be the first and only authorized North American supplier of this premium Korean dash cam. The X9 is a 2-channel unit and boasts all the existing features of other leading dash cams, as well as some updated elements which make it a great alternative to current market favourites in the same category.

What's in the Box?

When unboxing the X9, you’ll be surprised by just how much is included; unlike most dash cams, the X9 comes with a hardwire kit at no additional fee. The X9 can be purchased with a 32GB or 64GB memory card and the 64GB memory card allows for up to 10 hours of Full HD storage. The box also includes a quick start package that details how to install and get connected to the free IROAD app, the PC viewer software as well as useful tips and tricks on how to use the various features. For users who do not want to hardwire their X9, a cigarette power cable can be purchased separately here, while the GPS feature likewise requires a separate GPS add-on. Watch out for our unboxing video coming soon!

Sleek Design

The X9 has a sleek and smaller design than that of its closest competitors, while also boasting the widest dash cam lens in its category, at 150° for the front and 145° for the rear. Both front and rear cameras record in remarkable full high definition at 1080P at 30fps, making it a match for its closest competitors. The lens is also rotatable at 90° allowing for greater flexibility adjusting the angle upon set up. What’s more, the Sony Starvis sensor records bright, clean images at all times.

Heat Resistance

The X9 is extremely popular in Asian countries with year-round summer temperatures, and it’s not hard to see why. The camera’s Sony Starvis sensor is an all glass design, which prevents the lenses from shifting or warping when the weather gets hotter, which has been a well known concern seen with other dash cams in this category. The X9 is built for temperatures between -30°C (-22°F,) and 90°C (194°F).

X-Vision Technology

One of the X9’s most impressive features is its X-Vision technology, which results in crisp and clear recorded images even in low light environments. Unlike other dash cam night vision modes which just increase the contrast of the images, the X-Vision automatically analyzes the surrounding brightness within 5 seconds of activation, setting the recording brightness up to 3 times higher when the surrounding illumination is low. Overall, the X9 can record bright and clear images in both parking mode and driving mode.

Parking Mode

The X9 automatically starts recording in continuous driving mode when the car engine is started. If an impact or motion is detected near the vehicle while driving or while parked, the impact recording feature automatically saves the impact file specifically, so that it doesn’t get overridden by normal continuous driving mode. The cameras are also equipped with motion detection parking mode, which means the device will automatically start recording if either camera detects any movement or impacts while the car is switched off.

Easy to Connect via WiFi

The camera comes with an easy-to-use mobile app and built-in wifi capabilities, allowing it to provide automatic connection/disconnection functions right from your car! The app allows you to view your dash cam footage in real-time, as well as the date, time, voltage and traveling speed. It also lets you manage your dash cam settings remotely via wifi, as well as download or delete videos and automatically update your camera firmware. The PC viewer is also very well integrated which allows you to find and view videos frustration-free!

Energy Efficient

The electric consumption of the X9 is a lot lower than other similar dash cams, at just 2.9W. In order to protect it, battery discharge prevention technology automatically detects and cuts off voltage when it drops below a certain point. This stops recording and effectively saves your battery.

Don't Miss Out!

The X9 is a great all-rounder dash cam competing directly with other premium 2 channel dash cams, which therefore places it at the higher end of the price scale. However, you certainly get more for your money with the X9, as it comes equipped with a larger memory card and a hardwire kit at no additional cost as well as all the same specifications as its competitors. In purchasing this dash cam, you would be getting a product that is marketed towards the everyday consumer, and wouldn’t have to tack on any extras to utilize all its features! It may be small and discreet but they haven't compromised on video quality or specs in order to achieve this.

We are happy to recommend the IROAD X9 to all those searching for an uncomplicated, low-maintenance dash cam with all the advanced specs/features of some of the most popular industry models. Don’t miss out on what is sure to become one of the new market favourites for summer 2018!

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IROAD X9 First Impression

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