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Thinkware M1 Motorsport vs. GoPro Hero

If you love taking photos and videos of your rugged outdoor adventures, you may not need an introduction on what a GoPro is. Due to this digital recording device’s environmental resistance, high-quality media capabilities, plus the compact size, this action camera also gets used by some as their dash cameras for cars - and even motorcycles.

In this review, we will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of having an action cam for your ride, particularly on your motorcycle. We’ll check out the GoPro Hero 11 and compare it with a real motorcycle dash cam like the Thinkware M1.

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Motorcycle Dash Cam Showdown: GoPro Hero 11 vs. Thinkware Motorsport M1

Video Quality

For the sake of documenting your travel on the road ahead, obviously, the GoPro can capture images and videos way better than a dash cam. In fact, the GoPro Hero 11 gives everything you shoot a professional look with 5.3K video at 60FPS and can capture images up to 27.13 megapixels.

In comparison to the 5K resolution of the GoPro Hero 11, the Thinkware M1 only captures 1080p Full HD video at 30 frames per second. It is powered by a Sony STARVIS image sensor with Super Night Vision and a 140-degree field of view, which is sufficient for recording your driving in bright sunlight or low light.

Despite its lower resolution, the Thinkware M1 has a more holistic field of view thanks to its dual-channel system, which can capture both the front and back of the vehicle, whereas the Hero 11 can only capture one angle.

It is also important to note that both the GoPro Hero 11 and the Thinkware M1 are equipped with advanced image stabilization features to keep the footage smooth and clear even when riding on terrains. GoPro calls this feature HyperSmooth 5.0 video stabilization with Horizon Lock, while the Thinkware M1 offers Electronic Image Stabilization.

Automatic Recording

If you want to record your drive, you need to manually turn your GoPro Hero 11 every single time. If you use a GoPro to record what’s happening during your trip, you need to remember to turn it on and press record before every single time. We can only imagine how frustrated you’d be if you were in an accident or road mishap and you forgot to hit the record button.

The Thinkware M1’s case is different. Since motorcycle dash cams are designed to be kept in your ride 24/7 and get their power from your car’s electrical system, the M1 will turn on and start recording right when you turn the key in your ignition. You are not at risk of losing valuable footage if you forget to switch on the Thinkware M1.


The G-Sensor is another primary distinction between the GoPro Hero 11 and a Thinkware M1 that is absent in a GoPro camera.

The G-Sensor on a dash cam recognizes when an accident or other significant shock has occurred and generates a small video file, preventing that film from being overwritten by new data for a few seconds on either side. This makes managing and keeping significant footage simple.

Battery Life

The GoPro Hero 11 needs to have a long battery life to film the road continuously. Any mishap occurring when your battery is low will deprive you of crucial evidence. GoPro undoubtedly has the best image and video quality - but is let down by its battery life.

Comparatively, the Thinkware M1 does not rely only on battery power. The majority of dash cams are either directly connected to the electrical system, so having a low battery device is something you won’t worry about.

Extreme Temperatures

GoPro cameras in general cannot withstand extreme temperatures - especially if you’re going to leave it on your motorcycle on a hot sunny afternoon in warm regions. There have been instances where GoPro models have had difficulties powering up in cold weather.

Moreover, GoPro was not designed to withstand rigorous use like dash cams. The Thinkware M1, on the other hand, can endure even the sweltering summertime or very cold conditions with its operating temperature of up to -10 to 60︒C or -14︒ to 140︒F.

Theft and Security

Everyone knows how expensive a GoPro can be - and if it’s just placed on your motorcycle, it will definitely be an attraction for thieves. While the Thinkware M1 is also a premium motorcycle dash cam, it is not susceptible to theft as it is relatively small and is attached to your motorcycle - with the main unit under your seat.

Product Comparison: GoPro Hero 11 vs. Thinkware M1

GoPro Hero 11

Resolution (Front | Rear)

1080p Full HD @ 30 FPS

27.13MP (5568x4872)

Image Sensor (Front | Rear)


1/1.9" CMOS

Max Resolution

Full HD

27.13MP (5568x4872)

Parking Mode



Field of View






Operating Temperature

-10°~ 60°C (14°~ 140°F)


Max. SD Card Capacity

64 GB












South Korea

United State

Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Verdict: GoPro Hero 11 vs. Thinkware M1 Motorsport Dual Channel Motorcycle Dash Cam

Don't get us wrong: GoPros are fantastic. Our point here is that they are not suitable for everyday driving - whether it’s for your car or motorcycle. GoPros are intended to capture your adventures, while the Thinkware M1 dash cam is designed with the needs of the rider in mind, so why would you use anything else?

While it only captures full HD video footage, the Thinkware M1 records from both the front and rear of your motorcycle or off-roading adventure so it keeps you protected in all possible areas. Its Electronic Image Stabilization feature, as well as Sony STARVIS Image Sensors with Super Wide Dynamic Range and Super Night Vision 2.0, also ensure smooth, crisp, and clear 1080p video in even the darkest environments - just like how your GoPro does it.

Moreover, it has the capacity to withstand all weather conditions and temperatures, plus all the footage that you need can be reviewed in the dedicated Thinkware app and Viewer - making the entire experience convenient for you.

Therefore, for your peace of mind, riding security and safety, The Thinkware M1 dash cam is what we recommend. And the GoPro? Let’s just leave it as our action camera.