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Nextbase 322GW vs Blueskysea B1W Dash Cam Review

One should not judge a dash cam by its size.

While some dash cams may come very handy and discreet, this doesn’t stop them from carrying the essential features – and maybe more – that you need for your car and passengers. Two of the market’s small dash cams are the Blueskysea B1w and the Nextbase 322GW. Let’s see which among these two models provide the bigger value, despite their smaller size.

Review: BlueSkySea B1W Full HD Dash Cam

The BlueSkySea B1W is one of the smallest dash cameras on the market, measuring only 90mm x 29mm x 38mm. Although its almost invisible pill-shaped design on the dash may encourage more theft and vandalism, it does put your mind at ease knowing that you will capture it all on camera.

Blueskysea B1W Image Quality and Recording Capabilities

Recording full HD is already an impressive feat for small dash cams. With a frame rate of 30fps and a data rate of 12mbps, the B1W can capture all the finer details that other cameras may miss. With the B1W's Novatek GM8135S processor and the Sony IMX323 image sensors, you get 1080p Full HD video. It works well to provide excellent images at any time of day or night.

Because there is no LCD screen, the camera can rotate fully 360 degrees, capturing everything that happens inside or outside the cabin. A 150-degree wide-angle lens also provides a full view that at least spans three car lanes.

Does the B1W have Parking Mode?

Parking mode is also available on the Blueskysea B1W dash cam.  When the dash cam's G sensor detects any kind of impact or force, the camera automatically turns on and records 30 seconds of video. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to know what's going on when you're not in your vehicle.

Is the BlueSkySea B1W WiFi Ready?

For the driver’s convenience, the B1W dash cam includes built-in WiFi for simple connection to your smartphone app. The B1W-CARDVR APP allows you to synchronize the files on the car camera to your phone, making it very efficient to operate live preview, playback, and device management on your phone.

Is the B1W heat resistant?

Instead of a battery, the B1W car camera video recorder employs dual supercapacitors, making it a safer and more reliable choice for use in hot environments.

Review: Nextbase 322GW Smart Dash Camera

The Nextbase 322GW is the most compact and affordable Nextbase dash cam that comes with Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth.

Nextbase 322GW Image Recording and Capabilities

Unlike the screenless B1W, the Nextbase 322GW is equipped with a 2.5-inch touchscreen display. For viewing and capturing videos, the Nextbase 322GW offers a 140-degree wide-angle view and can record video at 1080 p @ 30/60fps and 720p @ 30/60fps.

What are the convenience features of the 322GW?

Nextbase has a dedicated app that you can use to play back footage and transfer files to your phone via Wi-Fi. The AutoSync function on the 322 Dash Cam is unique in that it allows you to share videos from your dashcam to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The camera also automatically records two video files - high and low Resolution - so you can watch the video on the screen while downloading the High Resolution file to your phone if you need to see vital information like license plate details.

Nextbase also provides cloud storage, allowing you to easily send files to third parties such as the police or insurance.

What are the 322GW's safety and security features?

While it lacks upmarket features like Alexa, Image Stabilization, and Extreme Weather functions like the high-end 622GW, it does have a parking mode that records any movement on the vehicle when it is parked.

The 322GW's built-in G Sensor will automatically protect footage when it detects an external impact, so you won't lose any important accident footage. The G Sensor's sensitivity can be adjusted, but setting it to high means it will trigger when your car encounters even minor bumps.

You can also activate an Emergency SOS feature, which will notify emergency services if an accident is detected. To use this feature, you must first create an account with the Nextbase app.

Is the 322GW easy to install?

In terms of installation, you can attach the dash cam with the Click & Go Pro mount (a suction mount or 3M tape option is available), which uses high-strength magnets to connect the mount's power source to the dash cam.

Every purchase also comes with a standard 12V power cable and an optional hardwire kit.

Is the 1080p front compatible with rear cameras?

For added security and peace of mind, the 322GW is compatible with the Nextbase Rear View Cameras: Rear View Camera, Rear Window Camera, and Cabin View Camera.

Product Comparison: Blueskysea B1W vs. Nextbase 322GW

Blueskysea B1W

Resolution (F+R)

Full HD 1080p @ 30FPS


Full HD 1080p @ 60FPS


Image Sensor

Sony IMX323

Nextbase 2.12 MP Image Sensors

Parking Mode






Wide-Angle View






Operating Temperature

-20°C - 70°C (from -4°F - 158°F)

-20° to 45°C (from -4° to 113°F)


Loop Recording



Maximum SD Card

64 GB

128 GB

LCD Screen


2.5-inch Screen










Country of Origin


United Kingdom

Which is the Better Full HD Dash Cam? Blueskysea B1W vs. Nextbase 322GW

If you’re looking for a compact dash cam that can offer you the essentials, these two are good options without breaking the bank with their under-and-around $150 price tag.

In terms of size, the B1W is smaller than the 322GW as it has no screen. On the other hand, both can record full HD, have Wi-Fi, parking mode, and a dedicated mobile app for additional convenience.

However, there are some complaints about the reliability and app responsiveness of the Blueskysea B1W - which you shouldn’t be expecting much from for its price.

Yes, the 322GW is pricier compared to the Blueskysea B1W, but this Nextbase’s built-in GPs, Emergency SOS, Click & Go, Bluetooth and well-established brand reputation not only in the UK, but globally, are definitely worth the few extra bucks.

Getting a dash cam is investing for your security - and the Nextbase 322GW does its job better, while ensuring high-quality performance that you can rely on for the years to come. If you want to have your hands on this highly-rated UK dash cam, click on the button below to shop your Nextbase now.

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