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BlackSys App Walkthrough

This is our walkthrough of the BlackSys App available for iOS and Android devices. For our walkthrough we are using the iOS version but the Android version is laid out in a very similar fashion. If you prefer a video version, check out our how to video here:

Connecting to WiFi:

1. Power on your CH-100B and hit the WiFi button (second one from the left, next to the red triangle button)

2. Verify that WiFi is on by looking at the yellow light on the bottom right above where it says "WiFi"

3. Connect to the WiFi in the settings of your phone as you would a normal WiFi connection. The default password is "11111111"

4. After you've connected to the WiFi and can see in your settings that it's connected to BlackSys, open up the app downloaded from the Appstore/Play Store. This is the front page of that app.

BlackSys App Home Screen

From the App's home screen there are several options, click the links below to see more!

  • Internal Storage: View the videos that you've downloaded from the camera onto your phone's hard drive. You do not need to be connected to the camera to access these files
  • BlackSys Connection: Here you can see the live view from the camera and the videos that are saved on the card. You can download videos to your internal storage from here.
  • BlackSys Setting: Here you will find the various settings/customization options of the BlackSys CH-100B
  • Information: This tells you the firmware version of the camera as well as the app version installed on your phone

Buy the BlackSys CH-100B 2CH here!Click here to Contact Us!

BlackSys App Walkthrough

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