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IROAD Dash Cams

IROAD is a leading Korean manufacturer that specializes in innovative products that combine video technology and smart functions. BlackboxMyCar is proud to be an exclusive retailer of IROAD dash cams, including the 4K UHD IROAD X10, across North America.

  • IROAD Dash Cams IROAD X1 1-CH WiFi Dash Cam + FREE 6 Months Extended Warranty
    from $299.99 CAD

    IROAD X1 1-CH WiFi Dash Cam + FREE 6 Months Extended Warranty

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    ✔ Free 30-Day Returns
  • IROAD Dash Cam Accessories IROAD X10 Multi Cover RDMC
    $39.99 CAD

    IROAD X10 Multi Cover

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  • IROAD Dash Cam Accessories IROAD OBD-II Power Cable IROAD Power OBD-II
    from $59.99 CAD

    IROAD OBD-II Power Cable

  • IROAD Dash Cam Accessories [LIMITED QUANTITY] IROAD External GPS Module RDGPS IROAD External GPS Module
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    Original price $49.99 CAD
    Current price $39.99 CAD

    IROAD External GPS Module

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A Global Leader in Cutting-Edge Technology.

IROAD's greatest vision is to cater for the growing security and safety concerns of thousands of Hong Kong drivers by offering reliable drive recorder systems using state of the art dash cam technology.

By aiming to become a global leader in automotive infotainment systems, IROAD has produced some of the most high quality dash cams with domestic and international certifications. BlackboxMyCar is proud to be the exclusive partner of IROAD dash cams across North America.

High Heat Tolerance

Unique to IROAD, their dash cams are built with all-glass lens, which will not warp under high or low temperatures. IROAD dash cams are durable, with optimal image quality in all-weather conditions.

Day & Night Vision Ready

Equipped with the SONY STARVIS image sensor, IROAD dash cams can record the brightest and cleanest images even in low light environments. Its cutting-edge technology offers 1080p resolution for both day and night time recordings.

Trust & Reliability

As leading Korean dash cam manufacturers, IROAD has consistently built dash cams that are reliable, durable and sleek in design. IROAD is a brand that you can count on to protect your vehicle in times of need.

Official Business Partners

BlackboxMyCar is an official business partner of IROAD, and is fully authorized to distribute genuine IROAD products to customers across North America. We stand by our dash cams, and work directly with the manufacturer to offer factory warranties to all our customers.

We value your business, and know that your purchase is safe with us.

IROAD's Mission

IROAD aims to be a global leader in automotive infotainment systems, which leads the automotive culture. Along with the advancement of in-vehicle infotainment technology, IROAD has grown into a leading domestic and international brand. IROAD is now preparing for a bigger leap forward from a specialized field to a global company.