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IROAD X9 App Guide

As dash cams are becoming increasingly popular, manufacturers are foregoing the use of an LCD screen in favor of WiFi capability to allow for a smaller and more discreet camera. This convenient feature allows users to access their recordings without needing to take the SD card out.

The IROAD X9 comes with an excellent WiFi / smartphone app and has done an excellent job in making it easy for the user to connect and manage their X9. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices and the great news is that iPads can also use this app!

First, download the IROAD app from the iOS App store or Google Play store.

Connecting to the IROAD X9 is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

  1. Ensure that mobile data has been switched off on your device and then turn on the X9 and WiFi option on your mobile.
  2. At this point you would press the WiFi registration button on the camera, which is right next to the power button, and the camera will give voice guidance to continue the registration.
  3. Open your phone’s settings, and connect to the WiFi network named IROAD_X9
  4. If steps 1-3 are completed correctly, your phone will be paired to the camera. If successfully paired, the app will say MY DEVICE: IROAD X9 with an image of the camera in the middle. The default password is “qwertyuiop” if prompted.
  5. Once that is done you have successfully paired your camera to your smartphone. Do note that the process on iOS differs slightly from the Android OS in that you may have to enter a password for the camera first before you go into the app itself.

    Do note that only one device can be paired with the IROAD X9 at one time. For example if another user pairs with the X9 the original user is automatically kicked off the pairing and would need to re-pair the camera with your mobile.

Once successfully paired, you will be greeted with five main options when you select the drop-down menu in the corner. The three buttons at the bottom will quickly navigate to the recording list and settings respectively.

These are:

  1. Live View
  2. Recording List
  3. Dash Cam Settings
  4. Firmware Update
  5. Help

Live View

If selecting the Live View option, this is the screen used to populate the camera. You are also able to switch to the front or rear camera by choosing the front/rear camera option in the top right of the display. There is a Guide Line toggle at the bottom right-hand side for correctly aligning the camera with the hood.


Settings would allow you to fine tune your camera’s configurations such as brightness level, toggle settings, adjust date and time, and ADAS features. Do note that the camera will automatically reboot as you exit the settings menu to apply any changes.

Recording List

The Recording List is where you would be able to view all of your recordings - do note that recording does stop when a phone is connected. From here, you can select whether you would like to access Normal (driving) data or Event (g-force sensor impact) data.

You will be greeted with a list of populated files. From here, you can choose to download footage. Using the download button., you can then choose whether you would like to save file, with a choice between “Photo” or “Video clip”. If selecting the latter, you can choose to include audio.

Please note:

Any of the footage saved via the app to your mobile would be in the JDR format and would not be playable until it has been exported to the phone’s camera roll or IROAD Desktop Viewer.

Overall, we found the IROAD viewer app to be very intuitive and easy to use even during the pairing process for the first time! In this reworked versions, all menus are easily accessible and everything works smoothly. For any of you considering an IROAD camera, these are some of the notable highlights.

IROAD X9 App Guide

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