To access the setting to the BlackVue dashcam's camera go to BlackVue WiFi > Camera settings > Firmware settings. You can access the camera settings through the 3 dots next to the Dashcam's serial number. In the firmware's settings you will be able to set the time, WiFi password, and other features for the BlackVue Dashcam.


Basic Settings

The basic settings option allows you to set the correct time zone area you are from and sync the correct time to the BlackVue DR650GW. Furthermore, under this tab you have the basic settings for recording quality that allows you to switch between FullHD and HD and the brightness. There is also an option to turn on/off the voice recording or normal recording features of the BlackVue DR650GW. If the time stamp does not change when you access the dashcam through the WiFi application you can place the sd card onto the computer and format it with the BlackVue Viewer. Once it has been formatted with the BlackVue viewer you can eject the card and place it back onto the BlackVue dashcam to reinitialize the card. 


The built-in G sensor is nice to have when you're parked but we often find that the driving mode sensitivity is too high and we get a lot of videos tagged as "events" when in reality nothing happened other than hitting a speed bump. The first three sliders refer to default normal driving mode settings for the G sensor. Usually with these settings we turn it down closer to zero due to triggering too many videos tagged as events as mention above. For the next three sliders those refer to the parking mode settings for the G sensor. For those settings we usually leave them as default since we want it to be sensitive enough to catch important footage.  The last slider is the motion detection sensitivity, this setting governs the amount of times the camera will come out of standby mode to record motion detected around the vehicle. The default value for the BlackVue's motion detection is set to 40. We feel that this motion detection setting is a little too high and produces a little too much parking mode footage. The setting we find the most optimized for not too much parking mode videos is setting the motion detection sensitivity closer to 5.


When you first set up the WiFi application on the BlackVue, it prompts you to set a new password for the BlackVue application. You can change the name of the network and  password under the WiFi tab settings > the login configuration. Once you have changed it you will need to log back into the dashcam though the new SSID name and password. If you do end up forgetting the password you can take out the SD card out of the BlackVue device and format it to default settings using the BlackVue Viewer app.

Misc Settings:

Under this setting you can enable and disable most of the LEDs that you would like showing on the BlackVue device. If you wish to disable the security LED's for parking or normal mode you can do so in these settings. Furthermore, you can enable or disable different voice prompts that you wish to hear under the voice alarm setting. Volume settings for voice prompts the BlackVue DR650's voice prompts will also be found in this settings tab.

Cloud settings:

A write about setting up the cloud feature can be found here. In the cloud settings you have the options to enable and disable certain types of recordings and audio prompts. Furthermore, you can access and set up your mobile hotspots to connect directly to the dashcam for the cloud feature.To connect the dashcam to the mobile hotspot you would select the "cloud service hotspot setting".

Once you have clicked that setting you will be taken to this page


On this page you will select the WiFi network of the mobile hotspot 's SSID name to be saved on to the firmware settings of the dashcam. Once the mobile hotspot connection is saved the BlackVue DR650GW will automatically connect the the preferred WiFi for the cloud. With a mobile hotspot and power to the BlackVue device you can access the BlackVue DR650GW dashcam using the BlackVue C application.