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BlackVue App: Settings

When you first get connected using the search WiFi button you will be brought to this home screen page. In this home screen there  are several important buttons to help classify the footage that you need. The front and rear selectors select the videos for the front or rear recorded footage. Additionally, the N, E, and P on the right hand side classifies the footage into normal recording, event recording, and parking mode recording. This helps you classify the most important footage you will need right away without searching through every file. All the recordings on the BlackVue DR650GW will all be placed in one folder. Either it be an event recording or even a parking recording it will be in one folder in chronological order. This means when the dashcam loop records it will delete the oldest video file no matter what type of recording it is. 

To access the dashcam settings swipe the top bar towards the right until you see the configure gear setting.

 BlackVue Settings:

Once you have clicked configure button it will bring you to this page. 

To select the settings BlackVue DR650GW simple click the firmware settings and it will bring you to the page below. When in this page the first setting we start off with is usually the Time Sync. After the time has been synced, the BlackVue will restart with the new time set. You will need to reconnect to the WiFi application after the setting has been set. If the time stamp does not change when you access the dashcam through the WiFi application you can place the sd card onto the computer and format it with the BlackVue Viewer. Once it has been formatted with the BlackVue viewer you can eject the card and place it back onto the BlackVue dashcam to reinitialize the card. 

Under the basic setting tab there are three options to set the time zone location, Image settings, and Recording Setting. Under the Time zone setting it sets the location for the GPS location mapping feature and speed tracking. 

In the image settings you can set the resolution, quality, and the brightness of the video footage recorded.

Recording settings allows you to adjust length, audio recording, footage displays, and parking mode activation.

Under sensitivity settings you can adjust the G sensor's sensitivity level for normal mode and parking mode. This will adjust the amount of event and parking mode footage that the G sensor will pick up. For the normal parking mode G sensor, typically we set these values lower (0-10) because if you hit over a speed bump it will automatically tag the video file as an event footage. For the Parking mode recording, we usually leave it as the default setting because we want it to be able to capture footage more readily when the car is parked. Finally, the motion detection sensitivity we set it closer to (5-10) because we find that the motion detection is pretty sensitive. If you feel more motion detection parking mode footage is needed you can set it accordingly.


Under Misc or ETC. settings you can enable and disable the Security LED on the dashcam. The Security LED is an LED light under front and rear dashcams that indicate that the dashcam is on and recording. Some people don't like this function because it is noticeable to everyone and thus they turn it off. Voice alarms are the prompts explaining the functionality of current operations. Furthermore,  the alarm volume adjusts the volume to voice prompts of the DR650GW device.


Under this tab you can set a new SSID name for your device and the password. Furthermore, if you do not want always turn on your WiFi you can set your WiFi to always auto run.

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